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Reflection on Concussions

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I learned many things from the completion of my senior exit project. My research has taught me the most because it furthered my thesis statement. The research proved that if the padding was reorganized and strategically placed into the helmet, that more protection would be offered to players and the severity of the injuries would be significantly less. When I discuss this topic with my teammates, they strongly agree with my new placement of the padding because they themselves have suffered concussions and other serious injuries due to the poor choice of padding placement in helmets.

I have also suffered many injuries myself due to the lack of properly placed padding, but I have never had a concussion. I learned many things about myself throughout this project. I learned that I can manage my time a lot better than I thought and stick to scheduling in order to complete this project without getting distracted. I demonstrated that I am able to do extensive research on a topic that I am interested in as well as being involved with by being an athlete, without getting bored.

Lastly, I learned I can push myself to strive to be my best. In the past I have struggled with staying on task and battled Attention Deficit Disorder which I thought would have hindered my progress, but to my surprise, I was able to finish this project with confidence. I feel that I possess the qualities needed to succeed later in life because my confidence has risen. The research developed, gathered, analyzed, and studied from this project has helped me to gain a new perspective of myself when it comes to studying and working hard.

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Reflection on Concussions

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