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Footnote to Youth

Dennise Soriano BSTM 1Y2-3 INTRODUCTION Footnote to Youth By Jose Garcia Villa Dodong is seventeen years old when he wanted to marry Teang and asked for his dad’s permission.Even thought Dodong thinked twice of marrying Teang, they still got married.After nine months, Teang gave birth to their eldest son Blas.

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Teang really regretted getting married in an early age. Her husband doesn’t know about this. She even wondered if ever she got married to Lucio who was nine years older than Dodong. When their son, Blas turned 18, he told his father, Dodong that he would marry Tona.

Dodong didn’t rejected or complain he just talk to his son that he should not be rushing to marriage and Dodong doesn’t want his son to experience and be like him at the end. BODY AND CONTENT Dodong is the main character. Teang is the wife of Dodong who regretted marrying at an early age. Lucio is Teang’s other suitor who got married after she did and who is childless now. Blas is Dodong and Teang’s eldest son who followed their footsteps in the end. Blas also contemplated to marry Tona at the age of 18. Tona is the woman whom Blass wants to marry. EXERCISE 1.

Who is the protagonist in the story? 2. What is the climax in the story? 3. Does Teang really wanted to get married in an early age? 4. What kind of character does Blas portray? 5. How old did Dodong got married? 6. Who is the other suitor of Teang? 7. How old did Blas got married? 8. Who is the eldest son of Dodong and Teang? 9. What is the falling action in the story? 10. Is the narratos reliable or unreliable? Why? REFERENCE Philippine Short Story (1925-1940) Introduced by Leopoldo Y. Yabes Page108 http://wiki. answers. com/Q/What_is_’Footnote_to_Youth’_the_Whole_Story_and_Characters

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