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Wilfred Owen -Anthem for Doomed Youth

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These words indicate rifles were moving fast on the battleground as many soldiers were slain, this gives the reader a clear image and uses caesura as they reflect on the deaths in the war. 2) Why are the men referred as cattle? Wilfred Owe;en refers the men as cattle as exemplified by the phrase "who die as cattle". This simile is used in the poem to make the reader realism how many soldiers were killed during the war fighting for there country. The men killed are compared to cattle to indicate the great number of soldiers inured and killed. At the start of the poem what rhetorical question Is asked by Owen before he goes to answer It? Owen asks a rhetorical question in the beginning of the poem which he then answers throughout the rest of the poem as evident in "what passing bells for those who die as cattle? " The question asked is a rhetorical question which gives no time for the reader to answer however the poem does that. Caesura has been used In this rhetorical question because It will give time for the reader to reflect on the question whilst reading down the poem. How does Owen appeal to our sense of sight and hearing by using the sounds of the battlefield? Owen appeals to our senses of sight and hearing using the sounds on the battlefields. This Is evident In "no mockeries for them from prayers or bells", the phrase is appealing to our senses because it is explaining to readers ceremonies did not go on in any way either prayers or bells. The dead people were not given a proper funeral or mocked at. Owen uses the words prayer and bells because it is comparing the deaths then and now. It is highlighting the main differences of unreels.

Moving on Owen also appeals to our senses by using personification to describe the gun shooting on the battlefield. This technique of personification Is event In "monstrous anger AT teen guns" Owen gives teen gun unman counterblasts to make the reader understand the sight and sounds on the battlefield. 5) Where does Owen suggest that there is no dignity in suffering during the war time? Throughout the poem Owen suggests that there is no dignity in suffering during the war time. He compares natural death to deaths caused by the war.

This is evident in "demented choirs of wailing shells" the choirs are described as "shrill" and "demented" which indicate dying during war was a disastrous, mad and pointless. However dying naturally would be the completely opposite as you would have calm and relaxing choirs singing hymns rather than "wailing shells". 6) What techniques does Owen suggest that young men were taken out of their beautiful countryside homes and persuaded to go to the frontline? Owen uses may techniques to show that they were missed and taken out of their countryside homes.

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One of the techniques used by Owen is a metaphor on line 13 stanza 2 as shown in the phrase "their flowers the tenderness of silent maids". The metaphor used he is showing flowers were replaced by there wife's and girlfriends when they died fighting for there country. Family and friends were taking the place of flowers and missed thee brothers, dads, children and wives. Moving on Owen uses another technique to show they would not have a proper and burial and will be missed by there loved ones at home.

Wilfred Owen -Anthem for Doomed Youth essay

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