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The development of aggression and violence in the American youth

In the introductory portion, the writer introduces the relevance of the study to the present reality by briefly indicating the focal areas that are covered in the paper.Basically, the thesis statement or argument is presented in précis to complete this part.

Problem statements and milieu

The paper seeks to explain the development of an individual’s aggression and or violence in the context of society, family and internal mental or thinking patterns.Whether the results are a combination of the factors will be posed as inquiry in this section with a corresponding hypothesis.

Review of Related Studies

This portion explains the peer-reviewed works of psychologists and sociologists and others in the profession with the intention of analyzing the important and strategic breakthroughs in science on the issue and which the present paper seeks to accentuate considering the need of the hour (Works of Bjork, Furst, Sidney, Wacker, David,  Tremblay et al, Harris, Mary; Hogh et al, Hobbs, Brackney et al,


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Results and findings

  A. Definition of terms

Using DSM and other credible sources for the operational definition of the foremost significant terminologies employed in the paper. (Works from Aggression from Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics, DSM definition)

  B. Theoretical Framework

        ~ Factors influencing Aggression

            Explores different perspectives in the understanding of Aggression

II. Discussion of Results and Findings

It is assumed that the following are major contributing factors that influence aggression and/or violence. Discussion section of the paper further establishes the researcher’s findings based on the problem statement and hypothesis made. The following are salient points that are developed by the researcher.

“What can make an individual youth commit violent acts?”

 ~ Pornography and violence in the internet and media

 ~ Depression among the teens

 ~ Domestic Violence (DV) and Aggression

“What should or can be done to reduce the incidence or curtail youth violence or aggression?”

Since the issue is a prevailing and existing individual, familial and societal problem, and many studies are already conducted to apply effective interventions, this section of the paper seeks to enumerate and describe the leading and effective treatments and/or interventions on the matter. It also attempts to give a balanced view on the plus and minuses or pros and cons of the prescribed interventions.

III. Summary of findings

Provides a brief summary of the study’s findings.

IV. Conclusion and Recommendation

The writer addresses the reader to his/her own reflections regarding the study he/she made on the problem. However, considering the limitation of logistics and other factors, she/he prescribes or outlines his/her own recommendation/s regarding the problem and it is to be undertaken in future studies.

IV. Reference

Exact documents used or employed throughout the study are herein listed in APA format.

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