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Century and Youth

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How can we be hope of our country when we are more updated on the kop or on fashion than being updated on the news In our economics and In the state of our country? Yes, I am a youth of today but I really can't help it. I am a ass's baby and comparing before than this 21 SST century really does have a lot of differences.

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Century and Youth

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. It is because of modernization people don't even talk a lot because they are more focus on their gadgets.

Everyone seems to be a gadget freak. Why don't we stop testing, beckoning, internet browsing, tweeting and Mainstreaming for a while and let us reflect. How many times you check on your phone a day? I bet less than 25 times. How many times you read a newspaper? I'm sure you don't even give a glance. How much do you care about your likes on faceable and how much do you care on how your parents like what you are doing?

Some of you do really read tabloids and alike but most of the youth today would rather check their newsfeed gazillion times than read the articles on the newspaper. Youth now have a lot of knowledge on everything they read on faceable, the question now is, do they have knowledge on what's on their preference book at school? It is really funny to think that youth can stay up late just because of playing data or because of beckoning but when It comes to studies, they rather sleep early.

When we ask most of the youth today, we can't get a nice answer, we can't get a straight answer. Why? It is because that's what they get from too much watching television and Dolling everything even If It's good or bad. Who's to blame; the youth, the media, the parents or the society? You can you still consider yourself a hope of our mother land? Let us start the change or the better, don't let other things deviate us from where we should be, don't let the circumstances stop us from learning, let us work together and prove that we can still critically and act smart.

People can change, and we still have all our time to change for the better. Let us face our books not faceable. Let us be more concern on what the government is doing not what your neighbors are doing. Let us be the role model of the young ones. Let us take the straight path. Let us lead the country to a brighter future. Start now before it's too late

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