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Fifth Monday Morning

Monday Morning Leadership The fifth Monday Hire Tough Introduction: The book “Monday Morning leadership” is a book written by David Cottrell. Cottrell discussed the most important issues in leadership as situations between Jeff who has little experience in leadership and Tony who has a great and well experience in leadership. Jeff goes to Tony every Monday to take lesson in leadership.

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Chapter 5 is about hire tough and it discusses the important of manpower and team in the company. In this chapter, Jeff decided to terminate Todd because he is drinking in work. Jeff has a great emotion but he decided to terminate him with the help of Kim who assisted him to take this decision and told him that Todd took the decision to terminate himself and you just implement this decision. Jeff now has three open positions available in his company.

He decided to make interviews with the candidates selected by Kim during this week. He also decided to put Kim in HR department. He told Tony about that. Tony greeted him for his brave decision to terminate Todd. Tony told him that he should give himself much time in selecting new employees because there are two strategies for management either to hire tough and manage easy or hire easy and mange tough.

Tony told him that people are the most important factor in the company so you should take much time to select them and try to get affection away from your selection of new employees. Conclusion: This was a very important chapter in the book; it discusses the HR and the important of people in the company. Jeff realized that the people are the cause of success or failure of the company. I have learned to contain people in the company and try to satisfy them in order to increase the performance of the company.