Family Heritage Narrative

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Family is defined by the dictionary as a “fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children, sharing the same goals, common ancestry and living under the same roof. ” In modern times a family might consist of one or two parents of the opposite sex or two of the same sex as a growing number of countries and jurisdictions including the United States have lifted bans or have established some legal recognition for this type of “modern families” (J. Burkholder, & Burbank, P. 012)

Regardless of how society defines the family structure or how families are composed they all care for the well-being and health of its members, taken greater efforts to develop healthy family structures, investing time to ensure each family member is provided with the necessary tools to become a productive and healthy member of society. Families have many factors in common, those factors is what makes them unique also gives healthcare providers clues to treat medical conditions affecting a particular family.

A family medical history is important it should include information transmitted from generation to generation primarily from close relatives such as grandparents, parents, individuals own children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. Knowing one’s family medical history allows taking necessary steps to potentially reduce the risk of developing a disease later on in life, even if the medical condition runs in their family; also knowing about what specific disease affects the family and how to take preventive measures, contributes to the promotion of health among family members and its recovery.

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Respect for each other’s beliefs is an important part of my family. The family is composed of 16 members, we practice three different religions Christian, Catholic and Judaism; religious services, birthdays and other holidays are important events for the whole family to get together. Identified three wellness and family diagnosis that can relate to my family:

  • Effective Therapeutic Regimen Management, pain under control using meditation due to poor tolerance to pain killers. Applies to my mother’s method of pain control.
  • Ineffective Health Maintenance, surgical interventions and neuropathic pain related to diabetes and uncontrolled weight. Applies to my sister’s struggle with her weight and diabetes.
  • Risk for Situational Low Self-Esteem, not feeling or seen self as beautiful related to overweight issues. Applies to my older niece and her struggle with her image and her weight.

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