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Evolution of Science

Loose change menu- McDonald’s have created a menu consisting of meals no more expensive than two dollars (loose change) which attracts customers with small amounts of money on them e students key phrase used by McDonald’s Is: ‘A little loose change, goes a long way. This marketing strategy Is aimed at budget-focused customers aged between 14 – 25 2. Coca-Cola crown glass- McDonald’s have release six limited edition Coca-Cola glasses which a customer can receive after the purchase of any large extra value al.

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The six glasses are only around for a limited time which gives the public an incentive to purchase a meal to collect as many limited edition glasses as possible. Key phrase: Hurry there only available for a limited time. This marketing techniques Is aimed at all customers aged between 20 – 40 2. Cheap easy Birthday parties- Birthday parties at McDonald’s are extremely popular for kids aged between five and ten. There are three relatively cheap Cossacks and attractive to parent’s who want an easy alternative for their child party.

McDonald’s describe the preparation their birthday parties as care free for parent’s and that all they have to do is enjoy the atmosphere. Key phrase: We give your child a birthday party to remember! ‘ 3. Big Mac chant- McDonald’s have a competition that asks you to film yourself singing the big Mac chant. By voting for a chant you receive a free Big Mac. This gives customers the incentive to vote and receive a free big Mac at the same time its a big add for the big Mac. Key phrase get voting now Outlining social media to spread their message florally. Art 2: ) On the McDonald’s website there Is a section called our food and our nutrition, on the page it describes the healthy changes and alternatives McDonald’s have made to their meals. This has been used to Inform the public of the healthy meals that are available at McDonald’s. No I do not because children do not usually look Into the nutrition In their food. 2) McDonald’s have also sponsored children’s sporting event e. G. Little athletics, swimming Queensland. This has been used for people to associate being active and playing sport with ‘OFF eating McDonald’s giving the healthier image.

Yes I think it interlines young people to believe that McDonald’s are a healthy fast food restraint, for the reason that they are sponsoring their sporting team. 3) Burger King- Released a limited time turkey burger in its attempt at releasing healthier option to the public. But still weighs in at 530 calories. This has been to make customers believe that what they are eating is good for them when really its Just as bad as any other meal on the menu. Yes I think it influences young people because they are easily persuaded into leveling a meal is good for them. ) McDonald’s’ new McGraw uses a green label to trick customers into thinking it’s healthier. When really it’s only 10 calories less than the normal Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap. This has been used to make the food seem healthy Yes I think it influences young people because most young people associate the color green with healthy food. 5) KEF being the official sponsor of cricket Australia. This has been used to associate the game of cricket with the food KEF, giving Cuff’s food and image a healthy active look.

Yes I do think it influence young people because they watch the cricket and see adds for KEF with members of the cricket team in them influencing them to believe the food is healthy/ part 3 Two American teenagers suing McDonald’s For: The two girls were lured into McDonald’s by the toys, the playground, the happy meals and the birthday parties. The persuasive television ads also played a factor in them eating there regularly. The two girls had no choice but to eat there because they lived in a remote area of America where McDonald’s was one of the cheapest and only places to eat at.

Against: The two teenagers ate at McDonald’s at least seven times a week for years. Although they state they were unaware of how fattening McDonald’s food actually is the burger loin says it handles nutrition responsibly. It puts nutritional information about its products on large; poster-size charts on its store walls and in other display areas. The charts show, for instance, that a quarter pounded with cheese has 530 calories and 30 grams of fat. To two Teenagers had no evidence that there health problems were caused solely by eating McDonald’s.

Response IL t b I less to taste t companies 1) List the nutritional information of the products that they are selling to the public – Read the nutritional information regarding the food they are eating and understand how it will affect your health and weight. 2) Provide healthy meals on the menu e. G. Salads – Eat a variety of meals not Just those that are bad for you 3) Inform consumers of the health risks involved in eating fast food. Understand health risks associated in eating fast food 4) Promote exercise awareness for customers. Exercise regularly

Adolescent nutrition guideline Comparison Nutritional guidelines for an adolescent state you must have eat plenty of vegetables, cereals, lean meant and fish. The total amount of my Kilojoules added up for one meal at McDonald’s was approximately 4000 k]. From my calculations I have gathered that if I ate McDonald’s for breakfast lunch and dinner I would be exceeding my average intake by over kick]. I have found if I eat a healthy breakfast and relatively healthy meat based lunch I can have McDonald’s for Dinner with out exceeding my maximum daily Kilojoules intake.