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Evaluation Tv in My Country (Uk)

TV in my Country There are two main purposes of TV: educating/informing people and entertaining people. In this essay, I will look at how well TV in Britain, my country, achieves those purposes. The first purpose of TV is to inform and educate viewers.

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TV stations should regularly present national and international news. In addition, they should educate people about current affairs, health, history and science. British TV stations have regular news coverage. They also have several shows that discuss the economy, politics and other current affairs issues, such as the BBC’s Question Time.

In addition, there are several good shows about health matters. For example, I recently saw a program called Healthwatch on the BBC which informed viewers on how to reduce the risk of getting heart disease. What is more, there are some excellent programs about history on the BBC 2. To illustrate, last week I saw a program about Alexander the Great, which included many interesting facts about his life. For instance, he never lost a war in his life, and he started leading his army at the age of 16. Lastly, British TV has some excellent science shows. For example, two days ago I watched a program called Survival which is about nature.

It showed how tigers look after their babies. Consequently, you can see from the above information that British TV stations are very effective at informing and educating viewers. Another purpose of TV is to entertain viewers. Good entertainment includes comedy shows, drama, movies, music shows and sports programs. British TV shows often show excellent comedy shows such as Friends. Furthermore, there are many drama shows, movies and music shows on British TV. For example, a popular show is Coronation Street which is a soap opera about the lives of ordinary people.

British TV also has some excellent shows on sport. For example Match of the Day is a show which discusses the highlights of football matches that took place earlier in the day. However, there are very few live football games on British TV. Therefore, I can say that British TV performs very well at entertaining people. On the other hand, I would be happy if there were more live football games. In short, British TV is excellent at its purpose of educating and informing viewers. It is also generally effective at entertaining people. However, there should be more live football games.