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Tanya Brownridge English 21 Mr. Gregory In the novel Tuesday's with Morrie, by Mitch Albom, it was expressed through writing in many ways how Morrie's childhood has affected him and his behavior as an adult in life. When Morrie was a child a lot of dramatic things had taken place, which has shaped him into the person he is today. His mother had died, his brother had polio, and Morrie's family was poverty- stricken. Charlie is Morrie's father. He becomes hardened following the death of his wife.

He came to America to escape the Russian army. He was uneducated, poor, and did not speak English well. Morrie was disappointed that he never experienced the feeling of love or warmth from his father. Charlie took Morrie to the fur factory where he worked in hopes that Morrie would make a career from it. Morrie absolutely hated it and vowed never to work in a factory. We never learn her name, but Morrie lost his mother when he was seven years old. From this, Morrie learns that life can go on after a death. Eva was Morrie's stepmother.

She married Charlie the year following the death of Morrie's mother. Morrie received the love he longed for from Eva, a Romanian immigrant. She would sing to Morrie nightly, something he loved. David is Morrie's brother. He contracts Polio following the death of their mother. Morrie blames himself for this, as David awoke unable to move one morning, following a day of playing together in the rain. David spends his childhood with braces on his legs, in and out of a medical home. From his brother's disease, Morrie is able to learn compassion at a young age.

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In conclusion, the two discuss Morrie's burial, on a hill under a tree, Morrie asks Mitch to visit him. Morrie's soul will not be there, but his body will. This is another case of anthropomorphism, as human characteristics are assigned to a lifeless, cremated body buried six feet under the ground. Morrie still wants Mitch to visit him so that their talks will continue every once in a while, although it conflicts with what Morrie said earlier in the book. Morrie will always be with Mitch, no matter where he is, because of the love between the two men.

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