Employee Alignment with Strategic Change

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Research is an important aspect in the development of the society. Through research, people can pave the way towards technological advancement, or in improving the quality of life. In its dictionary meaning, research is a method to search or investigate exhaustively. It is also a studious inquiry or investigation done in order to interpret facts (“What is research? ”, n. d. ). The study entitled, “Employee Alignment with Strategic Change: A Study of Strategy supportive Behavior among Blue-collar Employees” was written by Mark A. Gagnon, Karen J. Jansen, and Judd H. Michael.

The main objective of the study was to determine how the individual knowledge of the organization’s strategy influences commitment to the strategy. Also, the study aimed to specify what additional antecedents contribute to strategic commitment and whether strategic commitment predicts strategy-supportive behavior (Gagnon, et al, 2008). According to Isadore Newman, Carolyn Ridenour, Carole Newman, and George Mario DeMarco Jr. , there are about nine purposes of research (Newman, et al, n. d. ). In this particular paper, the purpose is reflected on the justification of the study or its significance.

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It is to understand a complex phenomenon. In the study, the purpose was stated as to understand the antecedents of alignment by examining the role an individual’s strategic knowledge and commitment play in subsequent engagement in strategy-supportive behavior. Although the purpose of the said study was clear, there are still a number of questions that should be under consideration. First of all, is the purpose of the study reflected in the objectives of the study? Why is the introduction of the paper focused only on the failure of the formation of strategic innovation? Does the information point out the need for understanding the phenomenon?


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