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Emotional intelligence has become a major tool

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Dear mentor, Emotional intelligence has become a major tool in effective human interactions at home in school and within every organization, because of its usefulness in utilizing the powers of emotional on thoughts. According to Daniel Goleman, there are five components, which include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills [Goleman, 1995]. Each component employs the self-understanding and appreciation as a foundational tool to discover ways to improve every relationship one has within others.

Self-Awareness is the ability to recognize and understand personal moods and emotions. Self-Regulation: The ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and the propensity to suspend judgment and to think before acting.. Motivation: A passion to work for reasons that go beyond money and status; a tendency to pursue goals with energy and persistence. Empathy: The ability to understand the EMOTIONAL makeup of other people. Social Skills: Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks and ability to find common ground and build rapport [Goleman, 1995].

Having taken a personal survey of these skills, I believe there are ways |I can apply to suit my status quo, so that the desired results can emerge. My main challenge has been to connect with other members of my team as individuals.  What I have decided to do is to first evaluate my personal skills with respect to this matter. I also want to do a self-portrait so that I can ascertain my current status. This would the stating point. This would afford me to know my positives and negatives in communication and human relationships [Goleman, 1995].

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Besides, I would also undertake a dutiful effort in understanding every member of the team. This includes finding details about their lives such as date of birth, location of residence, their likes and dislikes. Having known this, I would pay visits, set mails regularly as inspirational tools fort their daily challenges. Within the lint of resources I have, i would also appreciate every effort in cash [gift] and kind. My motive is not to know so that we can relate better but to be a part of their life.

I believe that organizations can do certain things to help develop the emotional intelligence of their managers as well as other employees, first is the education on the components and intricacies of this; this can be done through training /retraining session for both leaders and employees.  Seminar, workshop and case studies are methods that can be adopted for this training. Apart of this, there can be a constant review of employee or manager skills in the company that employs emotional intelligence as tools in human resource management, such efforts could be identified and rewarded accordingly. This is another way emotional intelligence can become a useful tool in any organization.

Sir, I believe if you can work on these things, I would improve tremendously and build a viable working team.


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