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Effective Communication

Essay Topic:

Communication is central to everything we do and requires communication skills.

Every day we face challenges like having conversations, getting and giving correct information, sending emails, developing effective relationships, holding meetings and working with a team, not only at work but also at home. Being able to communicate effectively is essential because no one guess what you want or what you think if you don’t tell them, and nothing is going to change if you do not propose a change.

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Firstly choose the right time and the right place.If you need to discuss something sensitive, you should try to stay where you can’t be overhead. Alternatively, when you are speaking for a large group of people, you should be sure that everyone can hear you perfectly. Organise you ideas in your mind before attempting to communicate them. You should organize your thoughts before speaking and choose the three main ideas and focus in those.

If you have to make an important speech, you could practice it in front of a friend or a mirror and time yourself.An important aspect to communicate effectively is be articulate and not to be afraid of speaking. Be sure, say what you want to say, and do not regret it. The worst thing that you can do when speaking is to hesitate. One of most vital communication skills is eye contact and its effect in the communication. You can keep your listener interested in what you are saying. From my point of view, the main issue to effective communication is the listening part.

Effective communication is based on both listening and speaking.Listen and do not interrupt when it is no longer your turn to speak. You will surely learn new things from listening to others and if you don’t understand something, you have to ask people to repeat ideas. Good listeners are always very appreciated because there are only a few. Finally, the most important piece of advice to becoming a greater speaker is smile as you are talking. Unless your main aim is to bore and sleep every one, you need to add some humour to your speaking and it holds your audiences attention.