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Education Essays – Distance Learning Classroom

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The beauty of learning is no one can take it away from a person. Whether in the classroom or through the computer, learning provides knowledge, and knowledge is power. Face- to-face education in a classroom setting is a normality for most people in the world today. Although there are many positive aspects of face-to-face learning, the benefits of online learning certainly hold a stronger weight. "A commonly accepted definition of distance learning is any formal educational process that occurs with the teacher and the student separated by either time or distance," (Phi Kappa Phi Journal, 2006, pp. 44-46). Distance learning is becoming a new and more desirable form of education. The leaming courses involved in distance learning are more effective than face-to-face learning because they are more flexible, comfortable, and affordable.

A flexible schedule is non-existent when it comes to face-to-face learning. Classroom learning settings provide a predetermined class schedule for the student. It is almost forced upon the student to give his or her attention to learning for seven to eight hours a day every Monday through Friday. Online education allows an individual to allot his or her own set hours for education. For many, this would be extremely beneficial. Depending on the student, some work more productively and learn more effectively during different times of the day. With the help of distance learning, instead of a mandatory class at eight o'clock in the morning, a student could take a course at a more advantageous time for him or her. In addition, students learn at different paces; consequently, face-to-face learning may hold back or rush students depending on their learning capabilities.

In the world of education, people often claim that no child should be left behind. Because course study would be self-paced, distance learning would not proceed too fast or too slow through a subject. Furthermore, distance learning allows students to manipulate their own daily lives. Students are often mandated to prioritize education over a paycheck (Hendricks, 2019). Part-time jobs are important for some students to obtain for both monetary and experience reasons. By being able to fluctuate a work and school schedule, life is so much more enjoyable, unique, and productive. Spencer Hendricks wrote, "Students must shape their personal schedules around school instead of the other way around," (2019), and that is a lifestyle that students in today's society should not be living.

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In the world, most people see comfort as a priority. Learning should be an activity that is desirable. If education is held in an uncomfortable setting for a student, he or she may lose the desire or even the capability to learn. In a traditional classroom setting, most schools monotonously file students into rows of small and uncomfortable desks. Not only are the desks hard to sit in for ninety minutes of a lecture or class, they often invade personal space because they are extremely close to one another.

Distance learning allows an individual to find his or her own comfort while learning, overall making education a better experience. Whether "... at the kitchen table or even curled up on the couch," (Cooper, 2018) students are able to make their own decisions and find a comfortable setting to learn. The classroom setting also exposes kids to other students. While social situations are beneficial, negative ones are extremely consequential. For example, students can be victims of bullying in schools. This negative behavior disrupts learning potential for students. Distance learning provides the best learning environment for students because comfort is not questioned and negative social interactions are taken out of the picture.

Money is woven into nearly every aspect of humanity. Even schooling, especially face- to-face learning, has monetary requirements. Schools are normally required to provide bus services for children to be transported to and from school. The busing service adds up financially. Distance learning is based out of a student home; therefore, no transportation is needed and money would not be spent. In addition, schools often spend money on materialistic necessities.

The booming technological era has catalyzed a movement towards distance learning. Textbooks, papers, and other classroom materials could be replaced with the help of technology. Distance learning courses are designed to imitate classroom learning and instruction (Phi Kappa Phi Journal, 1999, pp. 44-46). Classroom learning material, instruction, assignments, and resources can be accessed with one simple computer. The world is growing technologically, and most instructional objectives can be accomplished without the use of money or tangible items.

Nearly everyone can agree that education is important. The only struggle is agreeing what mode of education is most effective. Although it is preference, distance learning offers a plethora of benefits for students in areas of flexibility, comfortability, and affordability. Face-to-face learning standardizes times for students, sets societal norms, and wastes money. Online learning is a well-known style of education that is preferred by many. It is becoming a desirable phenomenon that has a strong potential to grow and blossom students' tree of knowledge in a more effective way than face-to-face learning.

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