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Education and Tech School

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A contemplated future Carmen Herrera’s future job outlook can take many separate directions. There are many things that will alter her future for better or worse, the one that we will look at today involves her decision on whether or not she should go to Radcliff tech, or go to mountainfeild university and what majors and what type of jobs these school’s offer out of the three categories that Robert Reich classifies jobs in his 1989 essay “u. s income inequality keeps on rising”.

The three categories are broken up into symbolic analytic services, routine personal services and routine production services. Each school offers jobs in these categories and we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of both schools. Carmen Herrera’s future job outlook at Radcliff tech has many advantages, these advantages include jobs that will be easier to land and obtain than jobs she would land in a university, these jobs include many jobs in the routine personal services categories and many in the routine production services categories.

Tech schools tend to specialize in jobs for production and personal services because the teachers and majors available to these students are limited in terms of what they are able to teach and the education of the teachers. Some tech schools are even more specialized to a certain field. For example a school like pennco tech is mainly specified for automotive, students looking for a mechanic certification would be interested in a school like this. Another advantage of going to a tech school is that tuition and fees are much more affordable compared to a large university.

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This makes tech school more accessible than the majority of universities. This makes choosing a major considerably easier than a university because the student already knows what they want to do most likely before they arrive at the tech school. Ratcliff tech also has many disadvantages; the big disadvantage of going to a tech school is that their selection of courses is greatly diminished compared to a university. This is mainly because the school does not have the proper funding or education to offer a wide variety of majors.

Teachers are often in demand at tech schools and these teachers are not as educated or as good of teachers as most university teachers. The other disadvantage of going to a tech school is they do not offer many jobs in the analytic services category because these jobs take much higher education and a lot more years of schooling. These jobs typically offer a much higher income than the jobs in the other two categories stated. Students have an option to go to tech school or a university. The advantages of going to a university in my mind greatly outweigh the advantages of going to a tech school.

This is because at a university the average degree earns a student a much greater amount of money than the average tech school degree does. That is because there are more jobs in the analytic services category than any of the other categories. Jobs in this category are typically jobs like a CEO of a big fortune 500 company or someone who created a product and now is majority owner or chairman of the company. This is because these school’s offer a higher education and give the student the necessary tools to become a ceo or chairman. A university like mountainfeild also has many disadvantages too.

Like any university the student will be in a much bigger community and they will not receive the specialized attention and education that a tech school will offer Them this can make or break certain students and also can give them a better chance in learning their major and field of choice, this is why many students at big university’s tend to drop out or fail out because the course load or lack of individualized attention does not fit them well and the job categories that a tech school offers fit them a lot better than a large university does.

Another disadvantage of a large university is that the school takes a lot longer to graduate from and in many fields in production and services there is no need for 4 years or even more worth of schooling when you can get it in two years or less at a tech school. The advantages and disadvantages of going to a tech school or a university make the decision very hard; this is why thousands and thousands of students have to make a tough decision every year.

Tech school’s offer benefits in the short term but lack the education and degree that you would receive from a university, in the long run university’s give back much more than any tech school can offer, a students future can depend on if they made the right decision and if this decision is a viable one for your future.

The three job categories are big point when deciding on whether you want to go to a tech school or university. University’s offer many more jobs in the analytic area and this is very tempting but tech school’s give you a quick way of getting certification in the production or services categories. Both schools offer many things and lack in many things so the decision will not be easy.

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