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Published in 1952. East of Eden is a fresh written by John Steinbeck. a Nobel victor ) . It tells the narrative of the intertwined lives of two families- the Trasks and the Hamiltons amidst a background of California’s Salinas Valley ( Steinbeck. 2003 ) . The novel follows the narratives of these two American households from the Civil War to World War I ( 2003 ) . It is said that the novel. which was published 10 old ages before Steinbeck received a Novel. drew inspiration from the Bible and was dedicated to Steinbeck’s sons- Thom and John IV ( Pearson. 1995 ) .

The rubric itself was culled from a Biblical poetry. picturing Cain as he set out in the land of Nod. E of Eden ( Genesis 4: 16 New International Version ) . Told in third-person point of position by a storyteller who sometimes offers notes. swings among characters’ vantage points and even suspends the narrative with snippings of human history. East of Eden tackles the cosmopolitan subject of good vs. immorality. the autumn of Adam and Eve and the acrimonious hostility of Abel and Cain. Dramatizing the social wickednesss of Salinas Valley and the single members of the Trask and Hamilton kins. the novel aims to decide the quandary on how evil may be overcome by pick.

Crossing the period between the American Civil War and the terminal of the First World War. it dovetails the lives of two brothers- the soft Adam and the unsmooth Charles. Adam marries the intriguing Cathy who deceives him and ran off with Charles on the dark of their nuptials ( Steinbeck. 2003 ) . After giving birth to duplicate male childs. Aron and Cal. Cathy leaves her kids to Adam and returns to a life of orgy. The competition between the siblings reignites as they vie for their father’s attending and blessing ( 2003 ) . The narrative is beautiful and revolting as it unravels the cosmopolitan job adult male has to face: choose to be good or remain on the dark side.

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The tone is drab. philosophical and possibly even propitious. Showing how celebrated as a author should be. Steinbeck is able to make characters with assorted piques. contrasting them realistically as possible. polar antonyms as one may state. There is Adam. who may really good be the original of good purposes and Cathy. the intriguing cocotte whom Adam fell in love with. It is besides Adam who has been deceived the most. reminiscent of the treachery of the snake in the scriptural Eden. The novel is peppered with sunglassess of Cain and Abel.

In the same vena. the torment of parental rejection. an issue touched with the narrative of the scriptural brothers. is once more explored in the novel. like the credence of Adam’s puppy gift and the rejection of Charles’ knife gift. reminiscent of Abel’s accepted gift and the rejection of Cain. Cyrus Trask favored Adam over Charles. for no distinguishable ground. Subsequently on. Adam repeats the rhythm with his ain boies. prefering Aron over Cal. Throughout the novel. the tenseness is tangible. giving the reader the proper stimulation to go on reading. It besides helps that the scene. Salinas Valley is really a existent topographic point. giving a matter-of-fact voice to the novel.

The words used by Steinbeck are easy to read and understand. and is non loaded with so many symbols that would do the reader spend 98 % calculating out what the symbols stood for instead than allowing the words flow and hold oning its kernel. There are no flowery words. either. This is a good mark on the portion of Steinbeck. leting the readers to grok the effect without ensuing in a caput aching. The flow of the narrative is besides applaudable. particularly as it expands from 1860 to 1918. The incorporation of “timshel” is besides appropriate. strengthening the subject of good winning over evil. of human doing the power to make up one's mind.

East of Eden is grounded in pragmatism and the handling of good and evil may be simple but it speaks one cosmopolitan truth: that there is good and there is evil and that human existences are flawed. possibly influenced by their cistrons or shaped by fortunes. but they have the pick whether to follow that footfall and reiterate the error or do their ain waies and interrupt the rhythm.


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