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River Out of Eden

Division among species Human beings often questions about the world such as how the world was created, and have doubts about religions even thought they believe in one. The theory of Darwinism, creates a new idea of how human beings were created, and how they came to the stage they are in right now. In the Richard Dawkins book, River out of Eden, introduces a idea of Digital River, where species creates many branches of many kind.

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In this book, Dawkins explains the digital river by using the illustration of speciation, explanation for the “long good bye”, and speciation rom the reptiles. To begin with, the digital river, term that humans created for the explanation of the speciation, describes the whole cycle of process that occur among the living creatures over time. In order for creatures in this world to survive, they need to adapt to the environment they are in. Dawkins states that “to be good at surviving, a gene must be good at working together with the other genes in the same species-the same river. To survive in the long run, a gene must be a good companion. ”(5) Thus saying that among their own kinds, any certain kind of species has to be in good shape and needs the competitive attitude towards their kind. For example, when lions hunt zebras, they need strong leg muscles and swift movement in order to get the prey in one shot. Usually, in order to achieve this status, lions need to acquire good genes from their ancestors. If they do not have the skills to hunt, they will not be able to survive, resulting only the fastest and quickest lions to survive in the cycle. Dawkins also states the idea of the “long goodbye”, relates to the digital river. The “long ood bye” is a status when animals of similar kinds cannot have sexual intercourse anymore. The book states “nobody doubts that the most important ingredient is accidental geographical separation. For example, when lions and tiger mates, they still have a baby, people call in the liger. But ligers cannot mate within themselves because their genes are different in a great way. Tigers and lions may had a same ancestor, but by the geographical factors, divided in two ways. They have many similarities and style of living, but still they cannot create a new branch in the igital river. Lastly, Dawkins talks about the speciation of the reptiles. The book states “When the ancestors of all the modern mammals broke away from those that are not mammals, the event was no more momentous than any other speciation. ”(9) like this, even though many people bring upon the idea of the Darwinism that reptiles turning into other mammals by the theory of evolution, this is no other different than the process of speciation such as geological part away, or natural selection. In Dawkins book, Digital River presents lot of information and thought about how pecies evolve in about to certain stage, and how they come upon to that certain degree. It is not a true fact, or a certain thing whether the evolutionary statement of Dawkins proves that species exists in certain stages, but because of the entry of the Darwinist thoughts, human beings think about the life one more time before they simplify the life, and also come up with psychological factors that deals with life. Works Cited Dawkins, Richard. “River out of Eden. ” The Digital River. New York: Basic books, 1995: 1-29