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Course Name: Fundamentals of Project Management Project Topic: Dubai Metro Analysis Submission Date: 19th April 2013 Submitted By: Ayaz Tariq (128403) / Syed Jamaluddin (105807) Table of Content 1)Summary of Project: Dubai Metro a)Why Dubai Metro was initiated b)Why we selected Dubai Metro 2)Preliminary Project Scope of Dubai Metro 3)Stakeholders of Dubai Metro 4)Dubai Metro Project Possible Constraints i)Resource Constraints ii)Delivery Constraints iii)Environmental Constraints iv)Budgetary Constraints v)Functionality Constraints )Dubai Metro Risk Analysis i)Political Risks ii)Environmental Risks iii)Security Risks iv)Social Risks v)Technology Risks vi)Legal Risks vii)Economical Risks 6)Dubai Metro Budget & Cost Analysis a)Different kind of costs variables involved b)How was budget estimated of Dubai Metro 7)Project Scheduling Analysis a)Sample Activity Network for Metro Station b)Different kind of activities with sample c)Different kind of Activities Lags in Dubai Metro d)How Gantt Chart / AON / AOA can be used for Dubai Metro 1)Summary of Project: - Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is fully automatic trains mean no drivers in City of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are two lines which are currently operational categorized as Red Line and Green Line, However extension of this project includes around 4 More Lines and extension of existing 2 lines as well which is currently under construction expecting to finish by 2030. Dubai Metro opens at September 9 2009, Dubai Ruler His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the founder of Dubai Metro, the. Giving convenience to people of Dubai during rush hours, around 1. Million passengers uses Dubai metro in its first month of operations and everyone were pretty satisfied as the services was matching the level of their expectations, Today many people in Dubai use Dubai Metro as a means of transportation. a)Why Dubai Metro Was Initiated? The combination of rapidly growing population expected to reach 3 Million by 2017 a severe traffic jam prompted the government to build public transit rail system, with 87 trains and nearly 50 miles of track the Dubai Metro is the world longest Automatic Trail System. b)Why We Selected Dubai Metro?

We saw this project as a skunk work and Dubai metro is one of the largest emirate’s infrastructure project in more than a decade, world largest automated driverless train system mentioned by Guinness world record as well which we can study various project management aspects of it. 2)Preliminary Project Scope of Dubai Metro: - While looking into Preliminary Project Scope of Dubai metro we identify following major points which was base of Dubai Metro Project The Dubai Metro will be driverless, fully automated metro network. It will be the longest fully automated rail system in the world when it opens.

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It will be having four lines (Blue, Green, Red and Purple) after completion Dubai metro will be having 70 kilometers of lines and 47 stations including 9 underground stations. 3)Stakeholders of Dubai Metro:- Internal Stakeholders Top ManagementDubai Road & Transport Authority Project Management & EngineersSystra and Parsons Corporation External Stakeholders ClientsUAE Residential & Visitors CompetitorsOther countries who supports tourism SuppliersMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation, Obayashi Corporation, Kajima Corporation and Turkish firm Yap?

Merkezi 4)Dubai Metro Project Possible Constraints:- Dubai metro is one of the unique projects of its kind which lead to many types of constraints which could have cause this project delay in time and has affected the cost of project as well. We have tried to find out possible constraints of Dubai Metro. i)Resource Constraints (1)Each metro station was following a same architecture design which should have been explained to all engineers and any change or fix in one should’ve updated in all, it was perfectly handle by Project managers. 2)Training of each worker to get quality and similarity between each metro station. ii)Delivery Constraints (1)Metro service being an automated service to public should be properly testing in all kind of safety measures which could’ve cause delay in delivery. (2)There is no time limit on approving cycle and reviewing of technical specification of metro. iii)Environmental Constraints (1)Approvals of higher management in case of their unavailability could’ve cause delays in delivery. (2)Launching of any metro station depends on successfully completion of its previous station. iv)Budgetary Constraints 1)Initial estimated cost never considers any changes in requirement which happened in Dubai Metro Project. Project was as per scheduled but over budgetary cost shot up by 80 per cent from the original AED 15. 5 billion to AED 28 billion. v)Functionality Constraints (1)Dubai metro also faced problem in unclear scope of its specification and design, Official said that they attributed the increase in expenditure to the major changes in the scope and design of the project. 5)Dubai Metro Risk Analysis:- We have analyze different kind of risk that could be involved in Dubai Metro a)Political Risks )Stability of Dubai Government, Change Government Policies, and Probability is Low on scale but can affect a lot on Project. ii)War & Terrorism b)Environmental Risks i)Ecology ii)International environmental issues iii)National environmental issues iv)Local environmental issues v)Environmental regulations vi)Organizational culture vii)Staff morale and attitudes c)Social Risks i)Population growth and demographics. ii)Health, education and social mobility of the population iii)Consumer attitudes iv)Advertising and media v)National and regional culture vi)Lifestyle choices and attitudes to these. ii)Levels of health and education viii)Major events ix)Socio-cultural changes. d)Technology Risks i)Impact of new technologies. ii)Inventions and innovations iii)The internet and how it affects working and business iv)Licensing and patents v)Research funding and Development. e)Legal Risks i)Home legislation ii)International legislation iii)Employment law iv)New laws v)Regulatory bodies vi)Environmental regulation vii)Industry-specific regulations viii)Consumer protection f)Economical Risks i)Stage of business cycle. ii)Current and projected economic growth iii)International trends v)Job growth v)Inflation and interest rates. vi)Unemployment and labor supply. vii)Levels of disposable income across economy and income distribution. viii)Globalization. ix)Likely changes to the economic environment. 6)Dubai Metro Budget & Cost Analysis a)Different kind of costs variables involved b)How was budget estimated of Dubai Metro 7)Project Scheduling Analysis a)Sample Activity Network for Metro Station b)Different kind of activities with sample c)Different kind of Activities Lags in Dubai Metro d)How Gantt Chart / AON / AOA can be used for Dubai Metro

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