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According to the ‘Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English’ a ‘Process’ is defined as a ‘continued set of actions performed intentionally in order to reach some result’ If making anything constitutes a process then I decided one fine day to indulge myself in some kind of activity the fruits of whose labour I can thoroughly enjoy later on. I decided to brew beer at my home. Other than the obvious highs that it gives you even the csting is very less, so it wont be a burden on the pocket too. It was taught to me by one of my closest chums and involves a number of steps before embarking on the real process.

The right kind of equipment is a must for the successful completion of this kind of task. The quality of beer depends a lot upon the kind of equipment that you are using and the ingredients. Lets first start with lining up the equipment. The basic equipment you need is readily available on any of the hardware stores and includes One 10 Gallon fermenter with lid, Brew Pot, Spoon, Siphon Hose, Vinyl Tubing, Hose Clamp for siphon, some plastic pop bottles with lid, Hydrometer, Thermometer and a measuring cup.

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The main ingredients that one will need are the Malt Extract in size according to the quantity of beer you wish to make. It can be taken in a flavour of your liking i. e. light or dark. Yeast is a important ingredient in the process of brewing beer, so you will need around 50gms of Yeast also. Other than that you will require around 5-6 cups of white sugar. After getting ready with your things the all the equipments needed in the beer making process should be cleaned thoroughly for hygienic reasons. In the large pot boil around 10 litres of water.

Also pour about the same quantity of cold water in to the fermenter. Add around 1 – 1. 5 kg of malt in the boiling water and let it cook on low to medium flame for about 30 minutes. Cooking on medium to low flame helps cooking in a better manner. Add some sugar to the boiling mixture. The moment the sugar dissolves in the hot mixture, pour all the contents inside the fermenter with yeast. Add some cold water to bring down the temperature to room level. After that cover the lid and let the beer brew. Normally it will take around a week for the beer to brew completely at room temperature.

After a week test the quality of beer with the help of an hydrometer or otherwise seasoned beer makers can tell its quality just by tasting it manually. After that comes the stage of taking the beer if its ready out of the fermenter and poring it inside the bottles. Do it carefully without spilling the precious liquid on the floor. Pour the beer from the fermenter inside the bottles with the help of a funnel. Frothing should also be avoided while filling and the bottles should also not be filled completely.

Store the bottles in a warm dark area for few days and then make them cool. The beer is ready to drink but if you want to improve the quality then they should be stored for a bit longer period. Though it cannot be said that this kind of product and process is only for tipplers. Anybody can make and then enjoy a homemade beer in just a few simple steps as explained above. The biggest advantage of making beer at home is that it is sans any kind of preservatives and chemicals and is very pure. So, pals go ahead and make your first lot of Home made Beer and Enjoy. Cheers….

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