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Jullian Nevarez-Anderson Professor Sinclair ENGL 1010 October 2, 2012 Bird Houses Building a bird house is an easy way to pass the time if one is interested in this type of hobby. Although it is a fun and effective way to let your creative juices flow, there is one important fact that a person should know if they intend to actually have birds occupy their house. Different bird species prefer different living areas. For example, Robins don’t need a house at all; they only need a platform that they can build a nest on. With this knowledge, someone with the right mindset and the right tools can build homes for many types of birds.

Now it time to start getting the proper materials ready. The first material that should be prepared is the proper type of wood. The type of wood can be any type of wood, but the longest lasting woods are redwood and cedar. The size of the piece of lumber should be 1”x6”x6’ Then, prepare the proper nails, screws and hinges. Once that is done, the tools should be acquired. The first tool that will be needed is a ruler in order to measure the wood. The second tool that you will need is a screwdriver. After that, you need a hammer, a drill, and drill bits.

The second step is to start the actual preparation of the wood. This particular setup will be for a basic birdhouse. First, start off by measuring the wood in sections to ensure that the bird house will be made correctly. The sides and front should be measured out to 9 inches, the back the back 13 1/2 inches, the roof 8 ? inches, and the floor 4 inches. Now, double check the measurement and cut the wood with the saw that was previously acquired and sand the edges of the wood until they are smooth. The Third Step is to begin putting the Birdhouse together.

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Begin by putting the bottom and one side together. Using the drill bits, make one hole that is slightly smaller than the width of your nails on each side of the wood about 1 inch away from the edge. The making of these holes is to prevent the wood from splitting or cracking. Then, you place nails into the holes that you made and hammer them into place. Repeat this process using the bottom and the other side. Now, take the back and put it into place. This time, you have to make six holes, two for the intersection of the back each side and two for putting the back and the bottom together.

Again, place the holes about one inch from the edges and properly nail the back. Double check what you currently have to make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes. For the roof repeat the process of putting it into place and drilling holes, but this time instead of using nails, screw the top into place. This is so that the top can be removed at a later time in order to clean the bird house. Now that the birdhouse has been finished, there are some steps that you can take to attract birds to it. Firstly, mount the birdhouse in a tree away from any bird feeders.

Secondly, face the entrance of the house to the south. Lastly, avoid painting the bird house bright colors. If these steps are properly followed, the bird house has a higher chance of being occupied by a bird. Based on the location of the birdhouse, one can expect to see different types of birds inhabit the bird house. Chickadees are attracted to more wooded areas. Bluebirds prefer more open areas. After all of these steps are followed, one has effectively spent their time participating in a fun activity. They get to witness the fruits of their labor every time they get a new visitor in their bird house.

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