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Concept Analysis Process

Concept Analysis Process Aim/Purpose: To clarify the meaning of the term “expert” Definition: Expert 1. A person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority 2. In the military it is noted as the highest rating in rifle marksmanship, above that of marksman and sharp shooter.

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Or B which is the person who has attained that high rating 3. Possessing special skill or knowledge; trained by practice; skilled 4. Pertaining to, coming from, or characteristic of an expert i. e. expert advice Attributes- experience, specialized, theoretical, and practical knowledge, highly developed skills, intuitive patterns of functioning, recognition by others. Antecedents: 1. A student of the particular field of study he/she wishes to become an expert in 2. An institution with the accreditation to teach/train others in the particular field 3. The earning of the highest educational degree afforded to a person within that particular field of study 4. At least 5 years of experience/practice within the particular field Consequences: . Individual obtains confidence 2. Individual makes more independent decisions in relation to skilled knowledge 3. Peers feel intimidated by individual 4. Peers go to individual for advice Empirical Refinements-consensus amongst those in a profession for defining criteria and specific competencies Ways of knowing: Empirical knowing was used by the group as a whole and individually. Empirical is the scientific information found in data, observations, research, inquiries and so forth.

Example: Empirical knowledge was used for understanding and defining the term “expert”. Aesthetical knowing is allied to creativity; transforming the intangible to tangible. Example: Aesthetical knowing was in play during this assignment. After reading our assignments, research, discussions; understanding of subject while transform into reality via the end product, the finished paper. Personal knowing is obtained through life: our jobs, home life, and recreation. After expert is defined, our experiences defines what the term means to each of us.

For some, expert is a resource person that we contact to lead projects or captain a team. An expert can be a role model that we aspire to mimic or someone we and our colleagues place in a position of authority. Ethical knowing is what guides us. It is the center of who we are and what we know as right vs. wrong. Ethical knowing is obtained through our culture, religion and belief system. Example: the leader utilized ethical knowing to assign each of us equal, fair job duties for this assignment.