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Narration to Process Analysis

Going to college can be a scary thing for a kid just getting out of high school.Getting out to spread your wings, being out on your own.Making your own decision.

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Deciding what college to go to can be challenging and a hard decision for such a young person. But as an adult that has a job or career and a family going to college or going back to college may think, that’s not an option for them? Or is it? Don’t be nervous about that anymore, they have a solution for a person that has a job, family and someone who wants to go back to school.

It’s called online education. You can go to work, keep up with family obligation and YES go back to school, and keep the balance of everyday life. I am going to try to help you keep that balance of going to an online education school and work and the grueling demands of family life. First of all find a reputable online education school, such as Penn Foster. Sign up for the appropriate course you want, as I am studying Medical Assistant. Wait patiently for your materials to come in the mail.

When they come look over the everything carefully, set some small goals. Set a pace, make sure you set time aside each day to study of if not everyday make a schedule that works for you, if you have kids and they go to school and you can study during the day that’s a good time of if they take a nap that’s another good time. If you have to work during the day the best time to study is after the children go to bed. I am lucky at the job I have, sometimes I am able to study while I work.

My kids are very athletic and are in sports in school, so when they have meets I take my homework with me and do my studies there. I get my books out in between events and read a chapter in my book or I write a paper. The nice thing about Penn Foster is you have no pressure in doing your studies every day. They give you a year to finish a semester. But in the case you can’t finish your semester in the year, you can extend your semester by 6 months at a time for an extra fee.

So you say you get sick or the kids get sick and you can’t study for a period of time, you can take it off without any worries that you would have missed in a classroom situation. Take that time off it’s your decision. But it is a good try to keep on schedule you set for yourself in the beginning of the year, so you can keep things fresh in your mind. So I hope I have helped you in the progress of keeping you well balanced between family, work and your studies, studies at Penn Foster with my own experiences on how I kept up with the everyday demands of my hustle and bustle of work, kids and Penn Foster.

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