Dr. Stephen Chews Advice on How to Improve Study Habits

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Last Updated: 18 Dec 2022
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I always have a hard time studying because studying is not my strongest suit. By watching these two videos from Samford University kind of help me how I can try and improve how I study. On the first video I watched "Beliefs That Make You Fail or Succeed" Dr. Stephen Chew said something about skimming materials won't let you study faster it would just slow me down to understand the concept. I always tend to skim chapters but, he stating that made me realized by doing that I don't truly understand what I was reading.

To understand completely what I am reading I need to spend some time to comprehend the materials. Another key points he talked about that I should stop doing was multitasking. I'm really bad at multi-tasking because I always tend to get distracted by my phone checking social media. Multi-tasking makes it hard for us to study because we cannot concentrate on the materials we need to be focusing on. In addition to that, Dr. Chew said that weaker students don't study as much as the stronger students. I am one of the weaker students because I tend to not study as much as I would like to because I think I already know the materials but in reality I know nothing.

Then onto the next video. "What Students Should Know About How People Learn" Dr. Stephen Chew explains, how we students can learn and how we can use them. According to Dr. Chew, students who uses deep processing learning learned the materials whether the students tend to or not. I'm the kind of student who uses shallow strategy that's why no matter how I wanted to learn it will take some time because of how bad I use my learning strategies. He also talked about orienting tasks. Understanding the tasks would make me change how I process information on a deeper level. But all in all, Dr. Chew said it doesn't matter how long we study but the important thing is what/how we think while studying. What/How we think while studying would make a big impact how we concentrate and retain the information we needed on our study.

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