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“Dr. Death” Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dr. Jack Kevorkian was known as “Dr. Death” since at least 1956, when he conducted a study photographing patients' eyes as they died. Results established that blood vessels in the cornea contract and become invisible as the heart stops beating. And he made a lot of other ways to make people like handicapped or anyone who suffer from anything in his life to kill himself, he claims to have assisted at least 130 patients to that end, and he famously said that “dying is not a crime”. People and the government disagreed with Dr.

Kevorkian’s behavior for many several reasons. First his not a god to control the death of people to make them not feel pain and not to face their diseases and destroy them , he is like telling people that life is not worth living for and problems are not going to be solved except with death. In September of 1998 he videotaped the death of Thomas Youk; the tape was broadcast by CBS television's 60 Minutes in November, what a cruel thing to videotape? The death of man and broadcast it on live T. V. This man made a hundreds of families miserable with his invention "Mercitron" (mercy machine).

If he is deciding for people weather to live or die by acting if u don’t feel pain then live, if u experience death it will be much helpful and comfortable. Then what is the importance of god, I thought he was the one who knows who will die and when, and can make all of the people of earth die in one second and live in one second. There are only a few cases where someone is allowed to take a life and even these cases are not agreed upon. These cases could be in self defense or if someone is badly injured or sick and there is no medical care that could help him and living on even for a minute will cause suffering beyond imagination.

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But there has never been a case where some loco doctor wants to experiment death on other and people agreed with him. This must mean that this is one sick person and no one agrees with him because it is not human. Thank god of course that the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that Americans who want to kill themselves but are physically unable to have no constitutional right to end their lives. Kevorkian was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison, but was paroled in 2007, in failing health and nearing his own death by the order of god not by a machine.

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