Comparing Jack and Macbeth

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Comparing Jack and Macbeth Jack is an authoritative boy whose leadership attributes was used to manipulate the others rather than provide order. He wants complete control, by using his superiority and savage-Like ways. When the tribe was created, It works out of fear, but It Is this tribe that prevails. When Jack can no longer control his urge for leadership, the tribe Is created, which has a negative influence on all the boys. Through this character, Gilding shows how the evil side of society prospers.

While the savages were thriving while the few who remained civilized were suffering from extreme famine, and taught. Jack seems to be a power-hungry individual. Jack rapidly gets in charge of the hunters that had to gather the meat for the whole group. Their enthusiasm decides to hunt a pig, and this is when Jack shows his savage personality. Before starting to hunt a pig Jack orders the hunters to paint their own faces with clay in a native manner. This all foreshadows the savage that is about to corrupt the island. Jack shows an attitude towards life that is shown by the people that succeed in the world.

With his salvage attitude he Is encouraging aggressiveness, and maintaining his ewer and respect from the rest of the group. He becomes paranoid that Ralph and Piggy are against him and feeds misinformation to his tribe, so as to keep them on his side. Jack Is the complete opposite, representing the evil that lies In the hearts of all mankind. He progressively grows more sadistic and evil as the story goes on, eventually orchestrating the death of Simon and Piggy. Macbeth is also similar because he turned evil by listening to the raging ambition within his own personality.

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Macbeth let himself be manipulated by the three witches, and allowing him to be influenced by his wife's equally raging ambition, this caused many problems like a guilty conscience. It was due to the evil within him and his wife, as well as evil personified in the three witches that Macbeth killed his own king, two guards who just tried to do their Job of protecting the king, his best friend Banquet, and Macadam's defenseless family. Additionally, that evil led him to bring pain and suffering on a mass scale to the entire Scottish nation.

In conclusion Macbeth evilness was caused by their ambitions to be leaders, and disappearance of rational thinking, which caused problems with themselves internally, and affected other people. Macbeth is a very egocentric, power-hungry leader. He starts off by being a loyal follower to his king, hesitant to act against Duncan. Macbeth has the ambition but lacks the drive to do what is necessary. However, after he becomes king, this attitude changes greatly. He becomes like a dictator. Had Macbeth been a good, able leader, the revolt against him by Macadam, would not have been so fierce.

Macbeth becomes very proud, because of his false prophecies. He degrades those who express fear or concern, and e waves off important Information given to him. His whole concern is keeping his power at all cost. He's so self-involved and ready to compromise his morals to get ahead. Macbeth knows that Macadam Is trying to oppose him so he hires people to kill Macadam's family. No democratic leader would do that, so Macbeth Is demonstrate that he will not have mercy on those who try to oppose him, Leadership Increases for Macbeth because not only he was successful in killing the king but he got the throne. N authoritative leadership approach. Macbeth kill others that can become a threat o him which shows that he is capable of doing much more than he seemed, but can't trust people. He killed Macadam's family to show his initiative. Macbeth is more determined to accomplish his goals and make decisions on his own. Macbeth is being a leader by making his own decision, but he does not listening to anyone else's input which can make his decision one-sided. This type of leadership can ultimately be destructive because of bad decisions, and his initiative has led to an evil path. He is much more assertive than before.

Macbeth did exemplify more determination and energy; however a true leader is not Just powerful and strong. Macbeth did seem to be more courageous when he said that he does not fear anyone and shall kill anyone that stands in his way. When he says this he seems to be more arrogant than confident. Macbeth shows a lack in confidence because he feels that to be safe he has to murder everyone. If he were confident then he would not feel the need to harm anyone. Despite everything, he continues to stay positive and is determined to do whatever he needs to do; in order to maintain his leadership.

Macbeth on the there hand shows leadership, however in a much more negative way. Jack on the other hand is similar to Macbeth because Jack is an autocratic tyrant. He beats a boy for no reason other than to exert his power over the boys. He realizes what it takes to get power and to keep power. He rules through fear and intimidation, Jack is also a good manipulator. He knows what the boys both fear and want to hear. Unlike Ralph who desires a constructive society, Jack prays on the boys' destructive primal instincts.

The boys want to be told what to do rather than simply pitch in together; hey feel the need to live in fear under a leader that they perceive as a powerful protector. In this sense Jack is certainly a more effective leader than Ralph. Jack can be controlling. One example is when Ralph asked his hunters to take care of the fire but Jack didn't want that and he took the hunters to hunt because that's what he wanted them to do. Another example is when he takes a vote for the next chief. No one votes for him but he sets up his own tribe nonetheless. Jack's litany of evil is pretty impressive. He leads the brutal slaughter of a pigs, and Simon.

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