Does Suffering Lead to Wisdom Includes Discus Thrower the School and the Yellow Wallpaper

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Diltej Singh Does Suffering lead to wisdom? Through life if there is one thing that everyone sees, it’s suffering. We all have seen it, if you haven’t you will in time. Even the short stories that we have read this year we have also seen it in them. It’s hard to see people go through that suffering, but do people gain any wisdom from that suffering. Through the short stories that we have read this year, we have seen on many occasions that it did not.

One of those times is in the short story ‘The Discus Thrower’ we see that the man is in much pain, and clearly is suffering and yet he is mean to the nurse and makes them do things that they shouldn’t have to do. Another story that had suffering was ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ we see her suffer and not once do we see her stop and think about what she is doing why. We just see her going crazy. The last story we see suffering is in ‘The School’, we see that theirs is constant death in the story they don’t know what to do after so they keep buy and getting new things to replace the feelings they had they had for the animals, people, and plants.

So they aren’t gaining anything The man in the Discus thrower is clearly suffering he his “skin is not brown from the sun. It rusted, rather, in the last stage of containing the vile repose within. And the blue eyes are frosted, looking inward like the windows of snowbound cottage. He is blind. The man is also legless; his right leg was missing from the mid-thigh down and left from below the knee. ” With all these disabilities, he is still is asks the doctor to get his shoes “with the least amount of irony. ” You wonder why he asking for them even though he has no feet.

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He makes the nurse clean eggs that he threw at the wall and he does this every single day. You expect someone in this situation to be more caring, looking at life in different perspectives, think about something different they should have done and maybe things would have turned out in a different way. But instead we see him act different then we would see anyone else in his place. Then we see the nurse cheering and then we find out that he died. He leaves behind nothing but bad experience and memories for the nurses. He created nothing but a bad experience for himself. Throughout this whole story we don’t see any form of wisdom once.

The women from yellow wallpaper might not be suffering physically but is suffering mentally. She’s told that she can’t do anything creative or fun. All she can do is lay in bed. Slowly she is suffering, she is mentally warring down. She we see her going mentally insane. She starts staring at the wall and see shapes and then eventually she sees a figure in the wall. At the end of the story she goes crazy by locking the door and tells her husband that the key is at the front door. And when he comes and he faints and she tore as much wallpaper as she could and she herself was on the on ground crawling’s.

As we see that she goes insane and she gets no wisdom. We ended of her crawling over him so we know anything can happen after that. We see that in the school they clearly have lost many things to death and they don’t try to figure out why everything is dying but keep replacing them with other things just to get the emotions and feelings back. In the story trees, salamander, tropical fish, Edgar, moms and dads, Matthew and Tiny die for one reason or another, they one time the students ask where all died things go he says I don’t know. Then they say is death that which gives meaning to life.

They go into a serious conversation and then they hear a knock on the door and a gerbil walks in, the children cheer wildly. We see that children don’t gain anything from these deaths. As we in none of these characters get and wisdom after they have been see suffering. Most people now don’t even get wisdom from when they suffer. They live life going through pain like the man from the discus thrower; go crazy like the women did from the yellow wallpaper. Or go through life not realizing, or simple try to keep what they might lose, like the kids in the short story school.

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