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Atkins and South Beach Diets According to Dr. Michael Greger

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Everybody (or almost everyone that is) believed in the fad technically referred to as “Atkins Diet” and “South Beach Diet” (Atkins Nutritionals Inc n. p. ). People say that it works because it can successfully modify an individual’s eating habits (Atkins Nutritionals Inc. n. p. ). It has the capability of limiting the ingestion of any carbohydrate-rich food to be able to change the metabolism of the body from smoldering “glucose to burning fat whether it is stored or not” (Atkins Nutritionals Inc n. p. ).

In addition to that, it is said that “Atkins Diet” persuades one to exercise; thus, it may be claimed to be a part of a healthy lifestyle - - it can sustain extreme work out “because protein-, vitamin- and mineral-enriched food are highly suggested” (Atkins Nutritionals Inc n. p. ). Even then, however, some researchers conclude that the “Atkins diet” will not work because “one cannot engage in Atkins for long because carbohydrate (which is lacking in this diet) is needed for the purposes of energy for the body” (Atkins Nutritionals Inc n. p. ).

This has been made clear by Dr. Michael Greger later when he said the following: “Atkins Diets” is said to be the “most dangerous” kind of diet that has been introduced to people in the past fifty years (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ). Dr. Michael Greger says that the application of the aforementioned diet will threaten the body of the individual (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ). Furthermore, he says that it may be effective and can decrease an individual’s weight; however, one may get sick or even die as an ultimate effect (Atkins Nightmare Diet n.p. ).

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Moreover, Dr. Michael Greger claims that anybody who steps forward and advocate that “unrestricted amounts of meat, butter, and eggs is dangerous” is actually blameworthy of unprofessional conduct (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ). Interestingly, such claim is backed up by evidence as there has been “a careful scientific appraisal was carried out by several council and staff members, aided by outside consultants”, which actually made clear that the “Atkins Diet” causes severe danger to an individual’s physical condition (Atkins Nightmare Diet n.p. ).

What’s very good about this is that medical experts maintain their claim on the detrimental and perilous effects of the “Atkins Diet” (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ). Moreover, the “American Dietetic Association” states that “the Atkins Diet is a nightmare of a diet” because it encourages eating much of “bacon, cream, and butter while turning away from apples” (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ).

This has been advocated by the aforementioned organization for approximately thirty years now (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ). The “American Medical Association”, “American Cancer Society”, “American Heart Association”, “Cleveland Clinic”, “Johns Hopkins“, “American Kidney Fund”, “American College of Sport’s Medicine” as well as, “the National Institutes of Health” unite and uphold the official statement of the “American Dietetic Association” (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ).

In addition to the aforementioned, there are no organizations that backs up the claim that “Atkins Diet” works; in fact all peer-reviewed journals and other references like the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition” states that “the Atkins Diet runs counter to all the current evidence-based dietary recommendations” (Atkins Nightmare Diet n. p. ). Finally, the same is true with the “South Beach Diet” which causes “constipation, gastrointestinal problems” and “can stress the kidneys and increase the risk of liver disorders, gout, coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and several types of cancer” (Squires n. p. ).

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