Deconstruction of Satire Cartoons

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Chad Salow 1st hour English 11 February 13th, 2013 Deconstruction of a Cartoon. The form of satire that is portrayed in the cartoon I have chosen is mockery. This form of satire is aimed to make fun of something. The purpose of the cartoon is to make fun of the average business person in wealth and poverty. It is showing a large bird in its nest, cuckooing to another smaller bird above him for the money it is holding in his beak.

The larger bird is in a struggle for the money reaching out as far as it can go before he would fall to the ground. While the smaller bird holding the money is looking angered, because his money is trying to be taken from him. Every cartoon has its purpose In why it was drawn. But the cartoonist’s purpose in this cartoon was to describe the average middle class business person trying to make his way into life by reaching out for everything that he could take.

The larger bird in the nest would be the form of poverty and the smaller bird with the money would represent wealth. The cartoonist is trying to show how anyone would reach out for money in times like this because they are struggling for it. Mainly middle and lower class people. The problems that the cartoonist is addressing are how there are to many people and family’s that are suffering under poverty and the wealthy are holding to much money, make to much money in which they don’t need or don’t reach out to the people who need it.

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A good example is a large company that makes loads of money from their products but wont have their products made from the country that they are in. But instead they pay others half the price to make it so they can rack up money but pay others poorly. It would seem to me that the cartoonist would like if these wealthy people would share their money or reach out further to give to others but instead, they want to be greedy. Mockery is the form of satire in which the cartoonist used in this cartoon.

The cartoonist is making fun of the fact that this business person or “bird” is cuckooing for the money. That’s only because the bird wants it so badly. The cartoon could also represent some type of irony because nothing is just givin to you. It must be earned and maybe that’s why the wealthy bird wont hand it over. The humor is this cartoon is most definitely visual. The whole meaning of the cartoon is visual besides for the cuckoo! It gives strong humor in the picture of both birds. That is why I had chosen this cartoon for satire deconstruction.

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