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Moving to a new school

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Moving to a new school, I admit, is quite frightening. Especially if you are moving in the middle of school year where everybody had already found their own group of friends. But this can change. Maybe moving toa new school can be so much better than staying in your old school, or it can the best and unforgetable experience for you at school. In order to achieve that, here are some tips that can help you. First, ask the teachers in charge of the informations you might need or know in the school. You may contact them via phone or directly.

The informations you got from the teachers in charge could be used by you as a guidence to help you adapting in the new school. The teachers whose in charge, whether its a He or she could tell you how to dress for the first day and the things you need. Since you're a new student and have no idea of the rules, They will probably tell you about things that are prohibited by the school to be worn on the first day, no skinny Jeans, no mohawk hairstyles, no braceletes, no crop tops, and manyore. Second, prepare everything beforehand.

It ill decrease the possibility of forgetting important things. Third, be open-minded, don't be shy and try to talk to everyone whenever you see the opportunity. If you act like you're scared, people will be reluctant in approaching you. Just act normal and you'll be fine. The last one, make new friends. They will be the ones who help you going through your first year. By following their advice you will be more comfortable moving to a new school. From what I've learnt, the relationships inventory can be classified into two groups.

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The first one is being people that are able to socialize properly and the other one being people that felt left out and cant blend in their society. After reading and analizing the inventory, i realized that I'm in the middle of those two groups. Sometimes i would rather stay at home spending time by myself than going out with friends or family. I am accepted by my friends, family, and the teachers. They seem to like me but most of the time i am not confident. But other times i can be friendly to everyone and talk to them.

Moreover i can share opinions with my friends. I wanted to be in the first group. I want to be able to socialize with everyone and be open- minded. In order to do this, i must develop more self-confident and learn not to be afraid to be myself in front of people. By doing this, I'm sure i can improve. We always wonder and wish to be a famous actor/actress/artist one day. But living as a popular person who surrounded by hundreds of cameras' light everyday might be so annoying sometimes. But have we ever wondered why those paparazzi took the pictures?

Is it because of the famousity we have, the achievements in our work, or is it because we did something wrong? Thats Just what happened currently with AQJ, or mostly known as "dul", the smallest son of Ahmad Dhani, one of most known musician in Indonesia. Dul has Just had a car accident which killed more than 6 people. Dul is still 13 years old, so his father forbid him to drive alone. But it seemed from the source in television, Dul was not listening to his father, so he went to bogor with his at night.

Dul was driving "lencer" car and was believed reached 150km/h speed inimum. Because he drove with a very high speed, he couldn't control the car's balance which made his car crashed the highway seperator and moved to the other road. Since there are victims of this car accident, the victims' family asked the accountability from ahmad dhani's family. Responding to the the victims' family, Ahmad Dhani made a promise to pay for all the education fee until the victim's kid graduate from university. If Dul listened to his father to not driving alone, the car accident wouldn't happen.

Moving to a new school essay

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