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Dbq for U.S History

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AP U. S History DBQ During the early 1700’s, both New England and Chesapeake regions were settled largely by the people of the English origin. The settlers of the two colonies were foreigners to the land who established two exceptional, but contrary societies due to the diversity of English citizens. Although both colonies were from the same English background they developed different distinctions from their political standards, religion, and social life. With the offer of Virginia Company of London to prompt settlement in the New World, profit filled Englishmen couldn’t refuse the proposal.

There was a promise of the golden lands and a new passage route through America to the West Indies. Arriving to the Chesapeake Bay, they were soon attacked by the Indians. After having to settle on James River, Virginia Company was forced to make a mosquito infested unhealthy region their home. In England, king Henry VIII broke ties with the Rome Catholic Church, anointing himself head of Church of England. The people of the English origin came to England to refine the gold and load the gold. They were trying to make a better living for themselves.

Even though Governor John Winthrop, who was part of New England colony, and William Berkley of Chesapeake colony had different opinions on the upcoming of the community, god being the center of the New England colony ( Document A), the pilgrims believed in working together as one for the glory of God as oppose to the Chesapeake colony who believed that the Chesapeake colony should fellowship together and their unity should be abided by one spirit of peace because everyone is a worthy servant of Christ.

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Dbq for U.S History

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It’s almost like a father and his children; a father is stricter on his daughter than his son. On the other hand, Governor Berkley viewed things differently. He believed that the people duty was to defend their country. Jonathan Edwards who ignited the Great Awakening believed in salvation and affirmed the need for dependence on God’s grace. Both governors trying to achieve the best for their colonies helped with the growth of the two separate colonies.

New England ranged from children to teenagers to middle men. (Document B) Immigrants who were stationed to be in New England colonies were families that contained a variety of ages. New England was united with the family lifestyle. Meanwhile those who came to Virginia (Chesapeake) colony were mostly men who ranged from the ages of 14 to 51. (Document C) The men to women ratio consisted of about 6 to 1 showing how family life wasn’t as important.

Disease settlements came through the Chesapeake colony causing low reproduction rates due to the scarcity of women. The men struggled to fight for women with it being 90% of men and 10% of women. In conclusion the New England and Chesapeake colonies both settled by the English and became entirely two different societies. Although they had similarities of the English background they developed different distinctions from their political standards, religion, and social life.

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