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I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It all started at about 2 p. m. It was the time I went back from school on foot. I was so tried and all I wanted was to just relax and eat. When I arrived at the front gate, I was shocked. The gate and the door were opened. It was because at that time there was nobody in my house as all my family members were not at home I was frightened and did not know what I should do. Should I go inside or call the police? I was hesitant because my family went out for work and they would normally tell me if they took afternoon off.

However, I decided to see what was happening. I picked up a hard stick so that if something happened, I could protect myself. Then, I walked slowly to my house. I took a deep breath yet, the feeling of dread weighted heavily on me. I clenched the wooden stick on my hands, mind alert and be ready. I walked slowly into my house with my wooden stick in hands. Suddenly, I had nagging feeling that I was being followed. My senses were very alert and I could hear footsteps behind me but when I turned to glance behind I could see no one.

I did not take too much notice on it actually. I thought that it might be my illusion because I was too nervous in such an unexpected situation. I grasped my wooden stick again, be prepared. I pushed the slightly-opened door, looked around if there were something going wrong. My heart started to beat quickly. Darkness always terrified me as the curtains blocked out the sun. I looked for the switch and turned on the light. I glanced around again to do a second check. There was nothing wrong!

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Everything was arranged properly and it just seemed like nothing happened. "What's happening and why is the door open but there seems to be no one inside? " i said to myself and all this while my head was filled with images of unrealistic thing from novels and movies. I crept around on tiptoes in order to find out what on earth was going on. As I was getting nearer to the staircase, I heard someone talking vociferously. A wave of horror swept over me. Since everyone should not be at home, who was emitting the sound?

Once again, I had vivid recollection of Count Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, mummies, phantoms and zombies but I compelled myself to kicked kick these horrifying images out my mind. When I eventually convinced myself to regain composure, I walked gently quietly up the stairs and snatched a quick peek peep into the dim master room through the crevice of the wall. I could merely see two vague outlines of human figure who stood as still as stone in the room, silhouetted against the light. To my astonishment, they were Mum and Dad.

They should not be here right now. I knew them very well. Workaholics like them would only want to come home after they had settled all their jobs. I was absolutely perplexed by their peculiar behaviour that day. As I was dominated by the profound inquisitiveness, I reached the door knob and intended to open the heavy wooden door. Nevertheless, the door banged opened before I succeeded in quenching my thirst for the content of their earlier conversation. I was standing right in front of them but they seemed to be ignorant to of my existence.

I wondered if the scenario in sci-fi movie befell me and my parents would not recognise who I was. I had been proven wrong when I heard their quarrel them quarreling. They were just too engrossed in their quarrel and did not notice me. Then, I hid myself at the corner of the stairs and listened to them. "Can't you find a job? Do you think I can keep on supporting all this home with this small meagre income? " Mum shouted. "What do you expect me to do since when I don't even received receive any reply after sending numerous copies of job application letters? Dad said desperately. From the quarrel, I found that Dad was dismissed last week due to economic downturn and he pretended to go to work every day just to ensure that we were not worried about him. Although Mum earned a lucrative salary every month, this amount of money would be insufficient because of various types of bills and fees which became the main cause of their quarrel. Brainstorming, rushing in my mind was the thought of whether I should give up the tuitions and my favourite piano lesson to cut down the family expenditures?

I knew I had the responsibilities to do it. I came out and approached them slowly. "Dad...... mum...... "I said that with the tone of depressed with a cautious. "Oh, why were you standing over here there? What is going on, Jason? " Dad asked. "I... I'm sorry I have overhead your argument, I have decided to give up all the tuition. I don't want to attend the piano lesson anymore. I am unwilling I could not bear to see all these and it is also my responsibility to help to reduce the family burden. "I said. "Why do you think like that? It is just a small matter.

We have abilities to let you go to for tuition. Don't worry about it, Jason. " Dad said smilingly. I knew that my dad was only consoleding me, as he did not want to make me unhappy. I just kept quiet and did not say anything. "Go to bathe now" Dad said again. I followed his order. After I had taken the bath, I went back to my room immediately and sat down on the chair. At the same time, I thought that how could I do. "Should I give up the tuition or go out to find part-time job? " I was very confused and bothered on to make an appropriate decision but I had to do so.

Well, I decided to give up the tuition because I was trusted my own ability that I could still cope with my study if I put more effort and concentration in my study. I did not want my parents to quarrel on this small issue as I still had a chance to prevent it if I could make a concession. It was the first time I saw my parent wrangled in front of me. I was shocked and still not able to believe that incident had happened as my parents were very kind and respect each other. Unbelievable about the incident happen yesterday, as my parent is very kind and harmonious. It was certainly a day to remember

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