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A Childhood Memory That I Still Remember

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There is one childhood memory that I can easily remember, even though it was eleven years ago, I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I had just turned four that day, I can remember being promised that when I was four I would be big like my two elder brothers. I remember running into my parents room, complaining to them that I hadnt got any bigger, to which I have been made fun of quite substantially since. I had been promised a trip to the beach, my parents must have been praying for good weather, as I would not have taken kindly to it being cancelled, especially after the disappointment of not getting any bigger. Luckily for them, the weather was brilliant, with barely a cloud in the sky. Armed with a new spade I had been given for my birthday, and my trusty bucket, I was aiming for a good day of making sandcastles.

I had been promised that it was going to be a perfect day, just for me, but already clouds were managing to find their way back into the sky. Luckily, the clouds decided it wasnt time to rain just yet, and we managed to get down the coastal path to the beach, intact. This must have been quite a feat for my parents, especially with three over excited brothers, which were naturally at each others throats.

After about an hour on the beach, tired from intense sand castling, we decided it was time for lunch. We trekked back up the coastal path and up onto a rocky outcrop on the cliff, this is a particularly beautiful spot, where you can see only fields all around, and a perfect wide horizon above the sea. Just when we managed to get settled, with special birthday lunch in hand, the heavens opened. But we were well prepared for this, quickly finding cover under some large rocks; we managed to finish eating lunch. Once the clouds knew that there was no more lunch to get wet, the rain finally subsided. After digging a good number of holes in the cliff with my new spade, I decided it was time for a good game of chase. With three miniature people running about their feet, my parents hadnt realised that mossy rocks, were very slippery when wet, just perfect for tripping up an over excited four year old.

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After only a few minutes of tearing around on the cliff top, the inevitable happened. With tiny legs going at top speed, I managed to get caught out by one of these rocks, catapulting me headfirst into a conveniently placed, pointy rock. I can remember very clearly the shock when my head made contact with that rock, it made quite an audible crack, and at that stage I was still a bit stunned and surprised at what had just happened. After only a few seconds though, I decided it was time to cry, much to my Mothers joy I seem to remember, as she thought I had concussion. My parents were quite worried and still thought I might be more seriously hurt; I was soon on my Dads shoulders, being whisked along the path, holding a tea towel to my head, with regular checks to see that my eyes were not dilating.

Once we finally did get back to the car, and eventually to the hospital, I had nearly calmed down. I dont remember having to wait very long, but I do remember that the tea towel that I had held on my head all the way there, was now firmly stuck to my head. The doctor was nice, my parents had told him it was my birthday, and I was being treated very well. Then the doctor said that hed have to take the towel off my head to look at my cut, to make sure I was ok. Dont worry He said, well count to three, and take it off really quickly, and you wont feel a thing, So I got all prepared to be a brave boy, bracing myself, and we started to count, but before Id even finished one, he had already ripped it off, a nasty trick. I managed to hold the tears off, but I certainly didnt like him anymore.

After that, it was off to the X-ray room, I was taken there in a wheelchair, much to my joy. After a few minutes of waiting, we got the pictures back; luckily there was no sign of fracture. So then it was the routine superglue job, and within a few minutes, my head was stuck back together. I can remember being called a Brave Soldier, a good number of times, as per usual, and being awarded a lollypop by one of the nurses. Then, back into my wheelchair to be escorted back to the car, with a relatively uneventful journey home, which drew my adventure to an end. That definitely is highlight of all my birthdays, and I still have the scar to remember it by, so much for A perfect day.

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