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Candide barked, “I do not want your money i just really want your help” One of the men added, “Well we like to give a bonus for clever people like you.” One day he laid down in furrow while the snow fell, the next day he was he was almost frozen to death.Through all that he still managed to get across town through his hunger and frozen body. He came across this building with two men standing outside they thought he wanted money but really he just One man yelled, “Come in sir , we will not only pay your reckoning but will never suffer such a clever young fellow.” Candide didn’t argue with that he just nodded his head and sat down because at this very moment he knew his life was beginning to change. Months had passed and as he was walking he realized how he came to be a hero he thought back on the two men and how they helped him change his life. As he was walking he was confronted by four other 'heroes' way taller than him he was scared because he didn’t know what was happening, but in a blink of an eye they grabbed him and threw him inside a dungeon........

Candide awoke he realized that everything he just saw was all a dream and that he was still stuck inside this dungeon. This dungeon smelled like old socks, throw up , and dead body odors. It had all types of trash , chains, dirty clothes , blood , and it even had a few dead rats inside this dungeon room. Candide felt disgusted sitting in this dirty room . He felt that he probably would throw up , pass out , and die if he didn’t hurry up and get out of his room. Tony came into the room and asked “ do you know why you are here “ Candide Answered “NO!’ Little did Candide know they had been trying to get to those men , so they can take everything they had. Aside of that he got to learn the four men names that took him , Their names were Joe, Tony , Greg , and Johnny. He couldn’t really tell what type of people they were but , all he saw were big buff tall guys that were about three times bigger than him.

Tony looked at him with a suspicious look and said “ well you are about to find out “ and he smiled. He called the other three men into the room where him and Candide were. When the men walked in they looked at each other smiled and laughed , Greg Mumbled , “Come with me “ they took him and tied him to a electric chair. After they hooked him up to the chair they asked him questions about the men that helped him changed his life and said “You must answer truthful to all questions asked or you will be shocked.” They have been going against each other to prove who is better throughout the years . They knew those men helped a lot of people , but could never catch any of them because they left as soon as possible which the men told them to do. Now that Tony and the other men finally caught one of those people the other guys helped they were hoping to get the answers that they wanted.

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Candide didn’t know what to do he had to think of a way to escape , but he felt as if it was impossible because of all the guards watching and there was only one way to exit. Candide couldn't set up the people who helped him get off the street, he would feel really bad . He decided to make up lies he thought “How would they know if i’m lying or not?” After they put him back inside the dungeon he thought of and escape plan , so he could get out before they found out that he lied . Then a thought came into his head , he was going to escape. Candide got his plan together , and his plan was to fight his way through . He didn’t have to get passed to guards because they were out on break , so all he had to do was get passed the four “heroes'”.He broke away from the ropes they had him tied to and got up slowly,the room had no door , so he looked around the walls to see if anyone was watching him.

As he was looking around they walls he tried to find the door to get out but he couldn’t see it. He got up and started walking , as he walked further down he spotted the door , but as soon as he saw the door he heard someone walking towards his way. He hid beside a wall and waited for whoever it was to pass by, his heart was beating fast he knew if he got caught he was be punished hardcore. As he reached for the door he realized it was locked, but he looked across the hall and saw where they kept their keys. He didnt know which key was for the door , so he just picked one . Candide tried all the keys and now he was down to one more key , he was hoping this would be the right one . As he began to put the key into the hole he heard they men talking. Tony angrily said “Where is he ? he is gone?” The others looked at each other and Johnny shouted, “Well we have to find him we can not just stand here.” So they men took off into different directions , once Candide heard them say that he pushed the key all the way in and turned it .

Luckily it worked , he opened the door dropped the key and made a run for it. When he got far away from the dungeon building he stopped and asked someone to take him to the airport. Once he got there he realized he had a ticket that the men had gave him months ago. He did not know where he was going , but he knew he was going to get away and that’s exactly what he did.

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