Cybercrime: Crime and Online Protection Act

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I feel that cybercrime is any illegal actions using computers. The use of computers is basically a gateway for identity theft in my opinion. By using computers criminals have it easier to pull off scams and schemes to profit off of victims’ hard earned money. Any business transactions being done over the internet is perhaps at risk. After reviewing the slideshow presentation in week fours learning activity I learned that cybercrime is the theft and destruction of information, resources, or funds by way of computers. Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) There are three types of cybercrimes; cyber theft, cyber vandalism, and cyber welfare. Cybercrime is increasing in the United States. Cyber theft involves the use of computer networks for criminal profit. (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) In learning more about cyber theft I was surely surprised of some examples mentioned. Some examples of cyber theft are:

  • Computer fraud
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  • Pornography and prostitution
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Copyright infringement
  • Identity theft Internet securities fraud (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011)

I had no idea that pornography and prostitution was mentioned along with copyright infringement. The second cybercrime mentioned is cyber vandalism. Cyber vandalism is a malicious attacks, disrupting-defacing, and destroying technology. This crime is motivated by malice not greed. (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) Some examples of cyber vandalism are:

  • Virus-worms
  • Trojan horses
  • Web defacement
  • Cyber stalking
  • Cyber bullying Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011)

Learning these examples I had never given a thought of cyber stalking and cyber bullying would have been included in vandalism. I would have thought that there was maybe a cyber-harassment for a cybercrime. The final type of cybercrime is the cyber welfare. Cyber welfare is a series of politically motivated attacks designed to compromise the electronic infrastructure of an enemy nation and disrupt its economy. One serious example is hacking sensitive computer networks. (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011)

The extent of cybercrime in the United States is far reaching as coast to coast and border to border. Where ever there are computers, networks, internet, and people; there is a possibility of cybercrime happening to not only private individuals doing business transactions but businesses themselves. I think that one way to control cybercrime is if a person is intent on purchasing items over the internet, then that individual should purchase a Visa/MasterCard and load the money onto it. This way ones bank account would not be affect them. Perhaps the Federal Government should impose a law to use loadable credit cards to control the cybercrimes.

I certainly do think enforcement can be effective because if the Federal Government imposes the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998, and the Child Online Protection Act, (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) then the Federal Government has the power to enforce these acts. The Federal Government needs to let the public be aware of these “Acts” and the consequences that they bare and strongly enforce them. Cybercrime can defiantly destroy lives. Criminals benefit from pulling off scams and schemes.

The three types of cybercrime can be devastating especially in the United States. The economy is in dire straits and Americans’ work hard for their money and cannot afford to have such a crime committed against them. Reference Siegel, W. (2011). Introduction to Criminal Justice. Therisa, I am glad that you made an attempt to complete this assignment. Cybercrime is on the rise in the US and it seems that the criminals have an upper hand in this activity. You did a good job in this assignment, keep up the good work. You should not being or end a paragraph with a reference.

Your first sentence should be your introduction sentence, what is your paragraph going to discuss. Your last sentence should be your conclusion or transition sentence to the next paragraph, all in your own words. You should put the in-text citation after the information you use to signify that the material is from a resource. This was addressed in my written directions and checklist. There is some good APA information under Doc Sharing. If you need any help in your writing there are some resources that the school can offer you. You can also get help from your instructors if you ever have any questions.

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