Cultural Comparison of America and Japan

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Different cultural practices affect every area of life, the family dynamic, labor force, education, cultural economics, death, reproduction, religion etc. The cultural practices in the United States are eclectic in many ways considering all the different ethnicities that reside in the U. S. In Japan, the religious views tend to lend towards liberal views on the family dynamic and sexual expression. I intend to compare the differences between the two countries as it relates to sex and gender roles in the family.In terms of comparative cultural characteristics at the cultural map of the world according to the World Value Survey describes Japan as average-high in Self Expression Values.

The gender roles in Japanese homes are reverse in comparison to some traditional gender roles in America. Typically the wife handles and completely controls the household finances. She gives her husband a monthly allowance and has total control over the rest of the family’s income.Half of the husbands in one survey reported they were unhappy with the amount of the allowance but could do little if anything about it. Traditionally, in past times, American household income was predominately earned and controlled by the husband in the home. But according to the U. S Department of Labor women comprise 46.

5% of the total U. S labor force and are projected to account for 47% of the labor force in 2016. That being said, the traditional roles in the American home have changed considerably. Women are indeed controlling the finances in the home in contrast to the past.America’s diverse population, different ethnicities, and different religious views lead to mixed views on sexual expression. The Christian religion dominates 85% of the countries population, which sews a strong moral character in their beliefs and practices. This leads to a predominant belief in traditionalism, same sex marriage.

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In contrast, the Shinto religion of Japan recognizes neither good nor evil, so the concept of sin and personal guilt so commonly associated with sex in western cultures does not exist in Japanese culture.In conclusion, cultural influences largely affect the general populations behaviors and practices. Laying he foundation of family dynamics and religion creates a very definite pattern of behaviors for any one culture.Reference: 1. Inside-Japan. com Home 2. Asayama, Shinichi.

1979. “Sexuality of the Japanese Youth: Its Current Status and the Future Prospects. ” Sex Education Today, 36, 8-16 (in Japanese). 2. Adherents. com 3. Bornoff 1991 p.

14-15, 89-90 4. U. S

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