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Cross-Cultural Communication Game

Introduction Cross cultural communication becomes an essential element in the organization because of the increase and interest in globalization and the diversity in the work environments. The employees in the company will be separated into diverse groups and sub-groups, those groups will have their own verbal and non-verbal communication styles which may create disagreement or conflict within the organization, especially in the multinational company.

Objectives of the game The major goals of the games are: I) Introducing to a group about communication pattern change when there are cultural differences, II) Understanding both cultural behaviors and communication patterns can impact negotiation between two groups.

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Cross-Cultural Communication Game

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Divide the students into two groups which are Alpha group and Beta group, they will have a paper showing their own characteristics in the game 2. Choose two leaders in Alpha group and two leaders in Beta group 3. Solve the distribution of reward problem in their own group first. The first round discussion will be recorded by the game holder. 4. After 10 minutes, half of the members in each group will exchange to another group, they will discuss the problem again.

They will have cross cultural communication through the group exchanging. The discussion will be recorded by the game holder. 5. Based on the above discussion, each group requires to reporting the results of the negotiation. Time allocation Our management game is “Alpha-Beta partnership”. Firstly, 3-5 minutes would be allocated on giving students the background information and objectives of the game, and separating them into 2 groups. Then 22 minutes would be the management game session.

Lastly, the rest of time would be used to be a debriefing session and a simple conclusion on the management game. Activities| Time spend| Introduction| 3 minutes| Dividing into groups| 2 minutes| Game on Alpha-Beta partnership| 22 minutes(2 minutes for them to exchange)| Conclusion and feedback| 10 minutes| Reference: http://books. google. com

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