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I think the four major sources of stress in my life would be money being number one. This is because I am an international student who moved from Hong Kong to America. Having doing this I had to learn how to manage my own money for example rent, bills , and also enough for entertainment. When I was living in Hong Kong with my family I didn’t have to worry about all these factors so it came easy to me. Family would be another source of stress in my life but only because of me being away by myself in another country.

This is probably because this is the first time I have been away from home and having to look after myself and the ‘money’ issue my parents especially tend to get too worried, which in some cases cause a lot of fights. Im not saying this is something bad but defiantly something that can trigger me at some points. My social skills is a definite source of stress in my life, This being because I am not very good at interacting, socializing and communicating with other human beings. Some of my interactions and relationships can be very stressful and tension filled, and i almost come off as being a very unsociable person.

If you where experiencing a period of high stress, what would you do to avoid illness? If I where to experience a period of high stress I would probably exercise a lot which usually helps me with depression and tension and also relaxes me. But also exercising improves cardiovascular efficiency and increases strength that could help avoid illness due to stress. I believe that when your exercising and you sweat a lot, it almost feels like your getting rid of all the problems in your life. Why are smoking-prevention efforts often aimed at adolescents?

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Smoking prevention efforts are usually aimed at adolescents because thats when a lot of smokers start smoking a form of tobacco, such as cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. A lot of youngsters and often influenced by peer pressure and imitation of role models, even family members. They think if your family member is smoking, its ok for them to try or to pursue it. Smoking prevention programs focus on more immediate problems with smoking. films and discussions in these programs educate teens about peer pressure and the medias influence in smoking, as well as helping them overcome this phase.

What are the benefits of involving a person’s family in behavior modification programs to treat chronic pain. When a person is suffering from chronic pain family members usually ask about it, which tends not to help the patient. This is because talking about pain or what or how they feel often focuses on it more and they start to think about it and all there thoughts draws attention on it and increase’s its intensity. To prevent this, psychologists have treatments in there modification programs for both the patient and family members.

I feel if having a family member by your side while you are going through this and they attending the programs help the patient. This is because the patient feels comfortable that some one close to them a (family member) is participating in these pain management plans which could help ease of the stress and pain. Which forms of coping do you most often draw on? When I am stressed I believe the best way for me to cope is by listening and finding new music. Not only does music relax me but sometimes it could be deeper than that.

Lyrics of a song can sometimes or somehow relate to what your going through and can often help and solve the problems. Which of the resources for stress management seem most important to you? I believe that social support is the most important resource to me because when i’m stressed I tend to feel much better when I have people around me to discuss what I am going through, but also just because someone is there to listen. Close friends and family often make us feel comfortable and important and provide positive attitude to changes in our life.

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