Crime and Best Glorification

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The best glorification of crime and criminals seems to be portrayed in the news, TV, and movies. Often you will see how a bank robber will get away with the cash and never get caught. In movies criminals seem to get away with their crimes if in some way the crime is justified.

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In today’s world it sometimes appears to be easier if you’re the bad guy. This mind set is due to the portrayal of the criminal in movies and on the news. A prime example of glorifying a criminal would be CSI.

CIS is a television show that is based on crime scenes and criminal minds. CSI goes into a criminals mind and show how and why I crime happens. This makes the criminal mind seem fascinating and sometimes portrays the criminal as a genius. I feel almost making the crime and criminal as famous and as powerful as the show it’s self. Another example would be Law Abiding Citizen. The main character goes on a killing spire on the justice center of Philadelphia.

Even though he has killed so many people you still feel sympathetic towards him because his family was brutally raped and murdered and the justice center did nothing. Due to the circumstances he decided to take actions in to his own hands. This movie, in many ways, makes the crimes and the criminal more glorious as if he had done the right thing. The news is another example of glorifying crime and criminals. The news often talks about how cops can not control gangs, how the gangs are growing and becoming more powerful.

This makes the gangs more glorious and, in ways, only adds power to the gang. For young children growing up in gang-ran areas this may push them to join because of the media’s portrayal of the power associated with gangs. The best glorification of crime and criminals seems to be portrayed in the news, TV, and movies. The media truly seems to make it look easier to be the bad guy. In today’s news and movies the criminals seems to be powerful or justified.