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Creativeness is a natural gift that one possesses even from his or her birth and which requires constant use or exercise and continued development for it to remain spirited and change for the better. Organizing and implementing an effective workshop on creative writing will be beneficial to a particular group of people targeted to be well-informed on how to write short and long stories as well as narratives. This Creative Writing Workshop was specifically designed and programmed for public high school students across the country because of the small involvement and appreciation of creative writing.

This activity also aims to make writing and reading a beneficial act, if not a force habit, for the said students and eventually make creating writing and reading a requirement in public high schools' curriculum. This Creative Writing Workshop and Activities in United Kingdom is for public high school students with various interests such as intellectual institutions, commercial enterprise, the arts, natural and social sciences and other services which will suit one's preference.

Whether the high school student is just beginning or already a seasoned writer and just like to extend his or her creative writing in new perspective, this practical workshop is programmed to offer a sense and appreciation of different genres. We are in charge of a broad scope of creative writing and literature. Our yearly programme and production of publications that includes a website, a range of modern creative writing references, and internet sites showcase creative writing versions, details on modern creative writers and an online reading associations.

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Our latest preference and the focus of areas of activities are the promotion and development of creative writing for young people such as high school students in public high schools. This is because these soon-to-be creative writing students, when properly groomed and guided, will definitely represent an advance level in the evolution of their group. This new breed of creative writers may replace coffee and computer houses with conference venues and will expect regular and above average paychecks in the future.

Furthermore, this workshop intends that participants from public secondary institutions will eventually turn to be more advantageous in their writing development compared with their counterparts in the private high schools. Patterned from the Brighton, England's THE SOUTH, a writer's network and literary arts agency whose service includes creative writing, this Creative Writing Workshop was proposed for the use of public high school students. This particular program will be spearheaded by professional creative and literary writer who are seasoned in dealing with young people.

Types of Workshop The literary genre of Poetry, creative writing and reading or skill workshops and activities that will help a public high school student is the composition of this type of workshop. The workshop will concentrate on particular writers, or specific literary genres, or about genres, or on various topics or demands which include the natural science, the aspect of safe reproduction practice, family aspect, teachers (or the manner of teaching), substance abuse, neighborhood crime and racialism.

In particular, the workshop will deal with specific or single workshops or a scope of actions as part of the Creative Writing Week as well as a combination of a media and transverse art form workshops to arouse one's creativeness utilizing one's literary or expressed statements celebration. One's writing techniques and skill will be developed and improved by employing a curriculum which will focus on creative reading and writing workshops and where every public high school student’s needs can be addressed.

Additionally, the workshop will touch on creative writing classes for faculty members, study-support personnel and specific public school rooms associates. Meanwhile, the plan study includes the Writers-in-Residence Project which will give the participants effective creative writing skills and techniques, the pleasure of discovering oneself, and a memorable and fruitful experience with the writing procedures. The said project is a five-month program immersing public high school students in the reasoning, imagining, and creation of thoughts that composes a powerful creative writing work.

The project is open to concerned and interested secondary students who have presented a unique ability and skill and interested in advancing them to create a full-length and published works. This Writer-in-Residence programme eases the work of a creative writer both in practical and financial aspects. The position can be practiced from 6 months up to a year. During this time the writer is inspired to create another creative writing that may be presented when the residency ends.

The residency in a way helps or returns something to the society where he or she stayed such as workshop activities, writers associations, and conception of creative work invigorated by the community. The residency invites all creative writers, published or not, regardless of race, religion, nationality, age, professional experience, sexual preference, are of residence, or economic status. All residents are chosen primarily on the aspect of the anonymous details and writing samples provided in their applications.

For more information on the selection process, please see ____. Workshop schedule (day and venue) The group is glad to work in a manner that best fits one's preference and according to the day, time, and venue that work for the high school participant. The various activities within the workshop can be done in one's school venue, secondary institution or centre. It can also be conducted at a different place such as a depository area, art gallery, historic dwelling, or place for travelers. The workshop's theme can be developed according to the preference of the venue.

This can be scheduled during the period when high school students are on their term paper or project processing, during holidays, and in time of normal or off school and office hours. The workshop can also gather functions for little group (maximum of 10 high school students) in a designated Workshop Room at any public high school. Participants including the faculty members can engage in our regular programme of open workshops and may join our socialization plan. Rationale of the workshop Generally, people are conscious of the fact that communication, particularly that is intended for print, is personally owned by a specific person.

However, others regard books and print materials as unrealistic to ignite one's creativity or they fail to capture one's vision. This is because they find that they do not have the time to attest to their own precept of creative writing. Purpose of the workshop Through this workshop, we aim that any public high school student, regardless of his or her age and heritage, could have the opportunity to be endowed and enriched by creative writing. For them to be able to show their real personalities, either verbally or in print, and deal with their ideas and emotion.

We intend that the participants will have the expertise to claim language and own their own works and to build and search their respective attributes. We make a harmless area where high school students' expressions get a boost for them to enjoy the written and verbal creative writings and for the said participants to get out of their comfort zones and emerge as expert creative writers. Effect of the workshop Dealing and being into a work place with professional and seasoned creative writers will definitely have a compelling effect on the participants, both the high school students and their teachers.

Getting away from the traditional method of learning, the participants will have the chance to experience and search for examples of good and effective creative writing. The workshop will open an opportunity and lead the participants to the force of creative writing as well as reading and make himself or herself as someone with authority who can excite others about the beauty of creative writing without antagonizing the audience. Aside from the high school students, their teachers can also benefit as they will emerge renewed with fresh thoughts on the process of creative writing.

Procedure For this workshop, we propose a procedure that will assure that students will get maximum benefits from the activities in terms of creative arousal, self-manifestation, mentoring, learning details, self-esteem and publication productions. We will invite practitioners in the field of creative writing as the resource speakers or facilitators of the workshop. The speakers will conduct theoretical discussions to be followed by open forum where the participants and the speakers can discuss the merits of the activities.

The participants will also be given time to apply the workshop's principles and theories. Requirement and result The workshop will necessitate careful study of particular requirement and result and will request participants to accomplish a survey/report paper. Then, we will eventually give an acceptable and flexible workshop proposal with appropriate recommendations. Since seeing a creative work put into print means accomplishment and boost to one's ability, the workshop proposes the provision of all required assistance for actual performance in the activities and eventual publication of the works.

These may include the plan and publication of participants’ collection of creative writing papers and their video presentation. Similar successful workshops Successful workshops with similar programs involving creative writing, literary/poetry recital, video productions of dance and street arts workshops as well as in museums and galleries at different public high schools and communities are found in Hove, Sussex and the south of England and those creative writing and drawing workshops at Brighton.

Price of the workshop The workshop charges a minimum of ?500. However, for the specific requirement of a particular group of high school students, we will request them to contact us for a detailed costing so that the financial proposal will fit into your project. For inquiries, you can reach us at (proposed name, contact numbers and online information about the organization facilitating the creative writing workshop).

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