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Contingent Reward System

Contingent reward is a reward that should be given to staff members when they earn them, that is the principle of contingent rewards. (“Motivating others through,” 2011) This is a great way to get the desired effect when working with a staff that might not be motivated to get a task or assignment done. A trend in the United States is toward a larger portion of employees’ compensation to be provided in the form of “variable pay” such as bonuses and equity-based compensation.

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(“Motivating others through,” 2011)

Being the manager at the fast food restaurant and having a difficult time motivating your employees to clean the facility every three hours will be an easy task, when you find the best way to motivate them. What I have come up with is a three part contingent reward program. The three steps are; Assign tasks to each employee •We will provide a handout to each team employee listing there areas they are responsible through out the month. •This allows them to plan for the tasks and assignment they will need to complete. •Each employee will get assignments based on there level of experience.

As they move up in the company more tasks can be assigned. Manager/Head Manager checks daily on tasks •This is important part of the contingent reward system. •Every three hours the manager needs to verify that the task is done and make a note of it on a board where all the tasks for the month are represented. Reward •The reward is broken down per paycheck. Each completed task represents a certain percentage of additional money. •This will also be viewed quarterly for yet another possible percentage increase •So as the employees do there assigned task they are rewarded for that. If they do not do the task they will not receive the increase •It will also show they are not getting there tasks done on the big board oThis will service as a motivation as the team can see who is performing and who is not This is the concept that has been developed to help the employees to see the benefit of having a clean facility. With a clean facility and friendly staff there is a strong chance that the amount of customers will increase which in turn will affect profit. Reference Motivating others through goals and rewards. (2011, April 4). Retrieved from http://www. wright. edu/~scott. williams/LeaderLetter/motivating. htm