Organizational Reward System illustrated in the movie “Oceans Eleven”

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Organizational reward system based on personal power is described and partially tested. It is a person-based system that is characterized by highly valued rewards combined with personalistic criteria for reward distribution. (Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 15, No. 3). It is high-degree organization because there is something given or received in compensate for worthy behavior.

And it is a systematically organized knowledge applicable in a relatively wide variety of circumstances; especially, a system of assumption; accepted principles, and rules of procedure devised to analyze, predict, or otherwise explain the nature of behavior of a specified set of phenomena. Extrinsic (financial, material, or social) and intrinsic (self-granted an, psychic) rewards are the special services in the system. Which are of good state when the performances being acted upon the organization firmly focused on the cooperation, risk-taking, or when the entire group plotted teamwork.

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Through this, highly noticed success and incentives is given as payment for the satisfying accomplishments. An organizational will greatly rely on the visions and perceptions the members are sensing. Just like Danny Oceans, or Rusty Ryan, or Linus Caldwell, or any other members of the “Oceans Eleven” Gang who’s been not responsive to conflicts that rise but so responsive to every possibility things could offer as they go on operating with their scheme. On the movie we can see the forces formed by the eleven involved casts.

The relations they built even if it has been tested by some ethical values and judgments in the organization since they don’t belong to one culture. They infact gathered all forces and created one productive system. We can assume to this kind of observation on their financial, social, or intellectual effort and involvement. Danny Ocean as played by George Clooney is the Leader of the Gang. He plays and directs or supervises their systematic plan of action. Ex-husband of Tess (Julia Roberts) who’s been seeing Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), owner of the Casino they are robbing and who steal his ex-wife while he was in New Jersey jail.

Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) is one of the main leaders who played as a great con-artist and who did a fine act in front of the gang. He has to change plan when Ocean had shown grudge to Tess’ current boyfriend. Both Ocean and Ryan do the psychic/intelligence for the whole operation to work. They do the systematic planning, analysis on the rules and steps, discuss tactics and distribute works to the rest of the team. Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon) is another con-artist who made a living off of pulling off cool ways of pick-pocketing the public.

Aside of getting information on their targets (casino and the people who runs it) without getting caught, he’s also tasked to seduce by giving a little ‘love-drug’ (but not that deadly, just to seduce) to the high intelligent right hand of Benedict. Frank Catton (Bernie Mac) is a con-artist and was hired as a casino black jack dealer during Oceans stay in jail. He obviously has blue-print to the entire casino. He’s been spying its businesses, and Benedict’s moves. Yen (Shaobo Qin) is an acrobatic extraordinaire and who doesn’t talk much English until the end.

Since he’s the only among the group to so body-bending effortless. His part is to get in the bag, be in the vault wearing a small camera for the rest of the team to see what’s inside it, where the money is placed, how can they crash on and unlock systemized keys/drawers. Virgil and Turk Malloy (Casey Affleck and Scott Caan) are other con-artists. They’re tasked to watch, monitor, and help dig holes through the inside. Act playfully but functional. Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle) plays as the hilarious English-accented explosive specialist.

He creates explosives to-open-whatever-door/hall/barrier may come across their way in. Livingston Dell (Eddie Jemison) is the computer/electronics specialist, and who performed clever tricks he need to overpass security cameras with the skills he’s trained on well. Reuben Tishkoff (Elliot Gould) portrays as the rich guy who finances the entire operation. And Saul bloom (Carl Reiner) is a great con-artist who can play a guy in his age, of different culture. And the big time client on the day the casino is to be robbed.

At the start, they lived on different kinds of lifestyle. Do gamble situations to earn a living. But we can see that their lives were quite extraordinary from the others. Coping up American life with their extra profits, apart to the salary they could get from legal job. So, the “Oceans Eleven” is built. Danny Ocean though is the leader of the Gang resolute that everyone would be getting fair share of the $160 M by the end of their collaborative robbery to Terry Benedict’s Casino. The equal sharing on the rewards is to be either of the two conditions: 1.

the money that they’ve agreed is not really that $160M divided by eleven men since Reuben Tishkoff will have to get a refund for the money he has put so that the operation will work. 2. the sharing will be $160M divided by eleven of them since Tishkoff do non of the performance. He financed gang to operate and by the end of the scheme, he will be getting $ 14. 55M more or less. And the rest of the gang will have same amount too. Oceans Eleven Gang used their individual assets in getting in the casino unnoticed. Up to the very heart of it- the vault where the $160M amount of money is stored.

They played different characteristics, created aliases (excluding Ocean because the people of the casino knew him of being Tess ex-husband), whish perfectly made him as a pass for his team to get inside quite unchecked by the security. The involvements of the eleven different personalities make up a very challenging and systematic plan of action. Though, they have their classified identity from each other, however, it did not create a hole in focusing to their desired outcome Instead, it helped a lot to them to get motivated to perform each one’s capability, role, tactics/clever tricks and all.

Because they do teamwork, they got employment, also the chance to learn and respect each one’s culture, developed leadership and simultaneously established performance management. They undergone interviews during their recruitment period and examined if everyone can sustain and retain the tactics each one will be performing. Slipping off to Benedict’s vault was really a very hilarious job, very impossible not to be noticed because the entire casino is covered and monitored with highly-profiled cameras.

The place is well-equipped with armoured guns, powered lasers. Security measures are very much ordered, too tight in dealing with the casino’s Clients. During their actual operation, though there are little discomforts and failures but still they have back u[s to support in order to continue to function even without getting laid off. Their desire outcomes are to perform their individual task well, to be in the vault, get the money, and leave before the defenders notice their existence.

Such behaviors are quite effective in winning their goal. Calculated their moves/steps with accuracy, watched time, studied everyone’s reaction, controlled the plans and give hands at the time of robbing. The system has been illustrated in a way that all were involved from the beginning, got job with equal benefits out of it. To add more, the most challenging personal-power they had been awarded from was to adapt every personality, different culture, made involved to each other’s personal-power.

Each one gave different efforts: manual (physical), financial (material), social capabilities, offered intelligence/perceptions, and support to everyone’s work. This made and benefited the team. Deal with small problems encountered, having knowledgeable even to the slightest events of the plan. Thus, the movie demonstrated the kind of organization that has developed/utilized skills, faced those hard challenges and surpassed them and gained equal incentives/compensate at the end.

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