Concepts Outside the Fundamentalist Realm of Reason Is What I Believe

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As humans have delved into the reaches of space and computed the composition of the universe, the need for religion to push forward our understanding of this universe has ceased. For millennia, religion was a driving force for technological and scientific innovation, but with the start of the industrial era, this propulsion greatly declined. Our need for theistic absurdity was no more, and science could and would develop at an exponentially faster rate in response. Currently there are approximately 2.4 billion Christians, 1.8 billion Muslims, 15 million Jews, and 1.08 billion Hindus; all of these sects basing their values and beliefs on nothing more than ancient speculation.

Conservation of these beliefs serve none, but are a detriment to scientific understanding. Any safety found in these beliefs are farce, finding security in deceit is not protection, but the root of pain. The flawed rationing that credibility is based in age, juxtaposes the fundamental basis of learning. This detesting of simple fact and the rejection of progress has created a void for any development and stagnated the development of humans. This has been most characterized in the continuous battle against modern science waged by many Christians. This coalition has doubted our foundation for information and has spread farcities of a “natural order” in which many have systematically severely harmed their own children and the immunity of our population. This distrust for simple fact is rooted in the baseless claims of a messiah and/or an unfounded deity.

“A religious man chooses the moral good to be held higher in the eyes of god; the atheistic man chooses the moral good because it is the moral good. Morality is of domestic good.” ~Levi Hinsen, Canyon Jones

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According to kantian moral framework, a moral act is only moral if it is done because it is moral. This prevents a religious person from being truly moral for they do a moral act to be seen better in the eyes of god. Religious fundamentalists attempt to create a definition of literal as scientific truth, in which they attempt to claim the bible as such. This use of truth contradicts the more accurate idea of truth as a tool, instead of an ontological fact. This presumption forces either one of two options, in which scientists throw out those ideas as prehistoric inaccurate science, or in which fundamentalists attempt to shoehorn the current science in as well. As you can probably tell, the latter doesn’t work at all, and instead current science is just neglected which is a fault in the most major of senses. This dispensing with science is complete hogwash because theories such as evolution that directly contradict those of fundamentalism can not be reprieved without almost the rest of science. The tenability of science is unwavering and can not, must not, be forsaken.

To accept that everyday objects function is to accept a thousand scientific principles they function on. Our very existence and development relies on concepts outside the fundamentalists domain of reason and for that basis many commit a fatal personal incredulity fallacy, in which because the fundamentalist doesn’t understand x therefore y. This fallacy is lethal to any argument because it bases reason on one’s own ignorance which is the antithesis of logic. This I believe.

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