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Outside Lies Magic

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There are certain things in life that people take for granted. As technology advances, the people would struggle to go on and fit in the crowd, making sure that everything is played accordingly. Because of these changes, people sometimes oversee things and take for granted the simple pleasures of life. The book, Outside Lies Magic, shows people the simple things found around us that are taken for granted. As I was reading the book, I became open to more possible ideas around me.

Although the book may sound like a textbook for many, this is one of the few literary works that people could actually appreciate. From everything that has been included in the book, two scenes stood out the most. The first part was when the author was discussing about wires and power. I became intrigued with the importance of the “wires” to the history of man and the possible contributions that they may have in society. Even if the history of mankind was quite difficult to explain, the author was able to do it in such a manner that the readers would become curious instead of being discouraged to read.

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Outside Lies Magic

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The use of words was also something to be considered. The descriptive manner used would make the readers become interested to know how much information the author wants to share with everyone. Another part of the book that caught my attention was the chapter about mails. I was unaware of the history of the mailing system until I read this chapter. The demands of sending letter across the country and in the whole world increased as time passed by, making it more difficult for the postal services to fulfill their duties.

Eventually, numerous people had to sacrifice their time and effort just to allow the mails to arrive on their preferred dates. I learned to appreciate the importance of my mailbox, and how it is accessible to me and to the whole world. However, this service was taken for granted and lacks the much needed appreciation. Thinking about it makes me thankful for all of the hard work taken away from me by such service. I just hope that someday, more people would be able to see and appreciate the little things that evolve around them. The last part was also something that I remembered greatly.

Although the book was descriptive, the author was able to share with the readers how the simple things in life would mean the most. The readers are also given the impression that all things should be appreciated and given much importance. Regardless of the use of such descriptive words, the author was able to stick to the realities of life that many people try to escape from. And so, people should become open to committing mistakes, but still hope for the best in life. From everything that has been mentioned, I believe that the strongest part of the book is the first part.

Talking about wires is not as easy as it may seem, because it is difficult to talk about wires and make them as interesting as possible. Reading the book allowed me to see a world that I was not aware of before. Taking the wirings for granted was something that people could relate to. I also became intrigued how people were able to organize all of the wires, and how these were identified. This allowed me to appreciate more people and things more, as each word was used. Reading the book came as a challenge for my end.

English is not my first language, and some of the words used in the book were difficult for me to understand. However, the magic of words allowed me to explore and expand my knowledge further. For this, I was able to experience the magic of books, at the same time learn about the realities of life hidden from most people. Sometimes, it is not bad to look back and appreciate the humble beginnings of people and things. These are the essential things that would make the existence more worthy of the people’s appreciation. This is one of the few books that I would recommend for others to read.

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