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Compmanagement Case

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The store had this expectation of making sales called Extreme Customer Service which meant the employees were supposed to go above and beyond for the customers need and making them have a pleasant experience shopping at their store. Employees were paid differently and had different sale goals depending on If they were full-time or part-time. Part-time employees start at minimum wage with a four per cent commission fee while full time employee salaries can range from 9 10 12 dollars an hour with a commission rate being two cents per sales.

Since Kyle Evans Is a manager he was placed on salary and can't make commission on their sales. The salaries are negotiable and depend on seniority along with the store size. The problem in this case is that Ruffian Keelson stores can't keep their employees nice they don't have competitive salaries and have an unrealistic compensation program. Their turnover rate for employees is high which then leads to the store not meeting the sales requirement. Kyle Evans Is In charge of making changes and solutions to these problems.

The compensation program Is unrealistic because the stores commissions are for employees that are based in larger stores in Vancouver which is a major city and their commission requirements are much more attainable. In Keelson the employees can rarely reach their requirements for the compensation which shows that the sector cannot reach the commission quotas. Some alternative solutions to these problems are to try and keep some of the same employees and to promote within.

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If you can try and keep the store manager to stay then you wouldn't have to worry about finding a new one also if you can make a part-time employee full time It would be easier than having to fully train another employee and it also works as a promotion which might motivate the employee and other employees. Another solution would be to assign a new store manager that has been a manager in another store and maybe train someone to become the next anger for the store. They can teach the manager what works and doesn't work for this particular store.

It would be beneficial since the manager would have experience in a ruffian apparel store already. The next solution would be to modify the compensation system and to reset the sales goals. I would believe this would work best because by Increasing the salary and changing the sales goals It would motivate the employees to work harder and also decrease the turnover rate.

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