Competition between supermarkets

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History Waitress started out as a small grocery shop in west London in 1904 by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor. The John Lewis partnership acquired the business in 1937, opening the first Waitress supermarket in 1955. There are now 280 branches, all dedicated to offering quality, value and customer service. Waitress is now one of the country's leading food retailers employing over 37,000 people. Price Kellogg cornflakes (egg) - E. 09 Waitress have a high reputation for quality and do not try to grab the headlines with price-cuts the way other supermarkets do.

Although they are quite expensive they do check the price each week of selected everyday items such as milk, toothpaste, bread, etc. Against those in other supermarkets to make sure customers are getting a consistent good value for money. They are also working hard to help people spend less when shopping at Waitress by lowering prices and in the last few months they have lowered over 1 500 branded favorites. They have also introduced bigger, better and more frequent special offers too. Customer Service Waitress have an excellent customer service, they provide many services to improve he customers experience when in store.

They provide: packing at checkouts where you Just ask and they can pack your shopping for you, carry to car service where a member of staff can carry your shopping to your car and pack it away and accompanied shopping where members of staff are available to accompany you around the shop to help with your selections. For others who may find it difficult to get around the store they provide wheelchairs that customers can use, and specially designed trolleys for customers who use a wheelchair also the stores are fitted out with toilets that have wheelchair access.

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For the convenience of shoppers they provide other services such as a free minicab phone, customer collection point in food and home branches where all purchases can be delivered to the collection point to then be collected by car, a service call facility at their petrol stations where if help is needed a button can be pressed for a member of staff to fill your car for you and finally there is the option to order things such as wine, flowers and gifts online to be delivered to your home. Product Waitress take great pride in that the food on their shelves is traceable.

Each of their buyers is an expert in his or her own field and their Job is to seek out the best sources of quality food and unusual ingredients that cannot be found in other supermarkets. They spend a lot of time with the farmers, growers and suppliers to build relationships based on trust and respect. Waitress aim to buy the majority of their produce British, they are also sourcing local produce from small growers and suppliers close to each Waitress store. Promotion Although Waitress do not advertise as much as other supermarkets they are still well known by many.

They do however run many television adverts alongside with John Lewis of whom they are in a partnership together, which help to bring extra attention to Waitress. Weston Blumenthal and Delia Smith both lead Waitress's Advertising campaigns. Competition between supermarkets By outlandishly Ginsburg in London and has grown to become one of the Auk's largest retailers. Today they run over 1 ,OHO stores, including 440 convenience stores and employ around 1 50,000 colleagues. They believe that their strong culture and values are part of their identity and integral to their success.

In 2005 they became the first retailer to introduce the traffic light nutritional labeling and campaign for transparency of the front of packaging. Also in 2005 they began their Active Kids programmer and have now donated over El 20 million worth of equipment and experiences to 49,000 schools, groups and clubs. In 2012 alone they opened 5 new supermarket stores, 3 extensions and 49 convenience stores, equivalent to 283,000 sq. Ft. Of gross new space. Product Kingsbury provide a range of high quality products and have been working closely with British farmers to provide British products.

Everything from their milk to meat is brought in from British farmers. A third of all British pears are sold in Kingsbury stores, they sale 1 in 4 of British apples which builds up to 21 million during apple season, they work with small local producers to sell over 85,000 tones of potatoes a year and thanks to their partnership with Welsh young farmers, you can buy quality Welsh lamb all year round. Customer service They provide an online service where groceries and non-food sales can be brought, saving customer's time and are convenient for people who may be unable to come into a store.

The click and collect service allows customers the freedom to pick up non-food items ordered online at a store and time convenient for them. Kingsbury was the first major British supermarket to open a bank. Kingsbury bank which opened in February 1997 provides a range of quality goods including Insurances, Credit Cards, Savings and Loans. This rewards customers for shopping with Kingsbury for their shopping and finance needs. Kingsbury energy launched in 2011, they have a team of energy expert's in-store with a focus on simplifying energy tariffs and providing energy efficiency advice for customers' homes.

They also have a call centre in Cardiff to deal with customer enquiries and constantly offer a great level of service. Price Kingsbury have a range of own brands including Sunburst's basics, by Sunburst's, Sunburst's SO organics and Taste the Difference. They also provide a page on their website with recipes to make meats stretch further, for example how to make three meals out of one chicken. Also on the website are various pages on how to cut down your food bill when shopping in a Kingsbury store. Promotion Kingsbury have a lot of television adverts with Jamie Oliver leading the advertisement campaigns.

Kingsbury also have newspaper adverts featuring things such as coupons to save money when shopping in store; this helps to bring in more customers. Lid was founded in Germany in the sass's as a grocery wholesaler and today Lid is by the sass Lid was a household name throughout Germany. During the sass Lid started to open stores outside of Germany and today Lid stores can be found in nearly every country in Europe. Lid believe that they provide top quality products at the lowest possible prices and that they have dedicated store staff who are helping to establish and develop the success of the company. Product

Lid support Fair-trade certified producer organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They have recently introduced their FAIRGOER range for this reason and to raise public awareness of sustainable produce grown in developing countries. Purchasing their FAIRGOER products gives customers the chance to support the producers in these countries and improve their standard of living and working conditions. Lid offer a range of produce that is grown and packed in Britain. All of their eggs are laid and packed in Britain and covered by either the lion quality mark or the laid in Britain quality assurance scheme.

They source a wide variety of fruit and vegetables from British farms and the short transport time means that you are receiving fresh and nutritional produce. They carefully select farmers that adhere to some of the strictest animal welfare standards when rearing their chickens, ensuring comfortable conditions with free access to food and water. Customer service Lid state that customer satisfaction is their top priority and because of that they provide a money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase.

Any non-food item that is faulty or damaged will automatically be exchanged or funded. Any non-food product that is found to be "unsuitable" will be refunded in full within 28 days of purchase. Lid runs an online photo service which gives you the opportunity to order high-quality prints from only up per print. They also offer a wide range of photo books, customizable canvas enlargements and photo gifts at the Lid prices you come to expect. Price Walker's crisps (multipart) - E Lid sell a lot of foreign food brands as well as well-known brands at relatively low prices.

Lid is a very affordable store and perfect for people on low incomes. Lid send out a fortnightly flyer featuring new products and special offers which can also be read as a PDF online if the leaflets are not delivered in your area. The website also features a page of special offers which can be narrowed down by postcode to view offers in your local store, this is good as customers can view what's in store before going in. In 1899 egg and butter merchant, William Morrison, opened a Bradford market stall which became the company that we know today.

In 1958 their first town centre shop opened with three checkouts and the first in Bradford to have a self service and to feature prices on its products. In 1961 the first Morrison supermarket opens in fresh meat, green grocery and other provisions with free parking available. Today they are the Auk's fourth largest food retailer with over 400 stores. Every week nine million customers pass through their doors and 132,000 colleagues across the business work hard each day to deliver great service to them.

Product Morrison are passionate about fresh food and the British farmers who supply them with it. Morrison now have their very own farm in Scotland - The Morrison Farm at Dummies House - they are also running a I-J-wide farm research programmer aimed t helping to build a sustainable British farming industry. By farming themselves, they get a better idea of the challenges that face farmers and they hope that the lessons they learn will benefit not only their suppliers but many other farmers in Scotland and the rest of the I-J.

In the future they plan to open the Morrison farm at Dummies house to visits from schools taking part in Let's Grow, so kids can see for themselves where their food comes from. Price Kellogg cornflakes (egg) - E. 09 Morrison have a page on their website featuring tips on how to keep food so that it will stay fresher for longer, how to make ore meals out of your ingredients and a forum for people to submit their own tips all in order to help customers save money. They also have a variety of special offers and online competitions to win Morrison vouchers and other experiences.

Customer service Morrison run an in store photo service which gives you the opportunity to order high-quality prints from only up per print which can be done over 24 hours or over 1 hour. They also offer a wide range of photo books, customizable canvas enlargements and photo gifts at relatively low prices. For the convenience of shoppers they provide services such a minicab phone and accompanied shopping where a member of staff can accompany you around the store and help you choose products.

For shoppers who may find it difficult to get around the store they provide wheelchairs that customers can use, and specially designed trolleys for customers who use a wheelchair also the stores are fitted out with toilets that have wheelchair access. Promotion Morrison have many newspaper adverts featuring things such as coupons to save money when shopping in store; this helps to bring more customers to the store and can also encourage them to spend more.

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