Comparing the Similarities of Romeo and Juliet in Miracle Worker by Helen Keller

Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare. It is a love story between two rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo, who is a Montague, falls in love with Juliet who happens to be a Capulet. It is love at first sight, but if their parents find out there will be no way that Romeo will ever see Juliet again. The Miracle Worker is another play that we read. It is about a little girl named Helen Keller who is both deaf and blind. Her parents pity her and let her do whatever she wants. They want to be able to communicate with her, so they write a doctor in Baltimore for help. The doctor sends Annie Sullivan to help Helen, which is worth it because she finally gets Helen to be polite and talk. Three people from Romeo and Juliet compare to three people in The Miracle Worker.

To begin with, the Montagues and the Capulets along with Mr. and Mrs. Keller and Annie are the first similar group of people. Because the two families disliked each other so much, it kept their children from being able to date each other openly. It forced their children to keep secrets from their parents and made it hard to see each other. The parents in The Miracle Worker are pretty much the same. Mr. and Mrs. Keller didn't like the way Annie was handling and taking care of Helen. They almost made Annie quit teaching because of that. Annie made Helen eat with a fork instead of her fingers. When she wouldn't hold the fork Annie forced her to hold it. The Kellers didn't like this and told Annie to let Helen eat however she wanted but Annie wanted Helen to learn the proper way to eat and behave. Annie was very strict and made disciplined Helen well.

Next there are two people who were dependable and friendly to Romeo and Juliet and Annie and Helen. For example Friar Laurence knew all about the marriage between Romeo and Juliet because he is the one who married them. He thought that if they got married it would end the feuds between the families. In addition he also came up the plan for Juliet to drink the potion to make it look like she was dead and when Romeo came it would look like he save her so the Capulet family would like him. James, Captain Keller's son by his first marriage was the only one who believed in Annie at first. For instance he was the first to see Annie teach Helen the alphabet and also got the ladder for Annie when Helen locked her in the room. Also James lets Annie take Helen to the pump by telling Mr. Keller to let Annie teach Helen her way and that for once he is wrong and Annie can successfully teach Helen.

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Finally the last two people that influenced the relationships are the Nurse and Doctor. The Nurse knew about the relationship between Romeo and Juliet and could have told someone but never did. If she told someone of their marriage she could have saved the two kids' lives. Even though the nurse tried to get Juliet to like Paris she couldn't get her to because she loved Romeo. The doctor told the Kellers that he's never seen a baby with more vitality, which was untrue. However he tells them it was only acute congestion. After he leaves, Mrs. Keller tries to get Helen's attention, but she can't because Helen can't hear or see. If the doctor had been better he would have noticed she was mute and told them before or try to save her.

Although two different authors wrote the plays in two different times they still have qualities that can be compared. They all have plots, climaxes and settings. Shakespeare's words and way of writing was more advanced than William Gibson's but they both have good work. Romeo and Juliet's ending wasn't happy like Annie and Helen's but in the end they both got what they wanted. Romeo and Juliet were finally together, and the families got over their differences, and Annie got Helen to understand that words have meanings and how to communicate.

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