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What Caused Helen Keller to Be Deaf and Blind

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At 19 months old, Helen Keller caught and illness which left her both deaf and blind. However, her disabilities didn’t prevent her from learning how to read, write and communicate. She was examined by Alexander Graham Bell at the age of 6 and soon got a teacher, Anne Sullivan. Anne first taught Helen that objects have names and can be spelled by her fingers.

In a few months, Anne, along with the young daughter of the family cook, helped Helen develop signs to help them communicate with each other. A year later, Helen became world famous, and had invented more than 60 signs to help with communication. As she grew older, she entered the Radcliffe College of Harvard and became the first deaf and blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. She soon wrote 12 different books, including The Story Of My Life.

Helen later won an Oscar and got awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. From the day she lost her sight and hearing to the day she died, Helen continued to be a hero to not only disabled people, but to everyone else. She has inspired many people, because she didn’t let her disabilities get in her way, she wrote 12 different books and was still able to live a normal life despite her disabilities.

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Firstly, Helen Keller never let her disabilities get in her way. She became deaf and blind at the age of 19 months, and many people thought that Helen would never learn to read or write. However, she still did. At the age of 6, Helen Keller caught Alexander Graham Bell’s attention and was soon examined by him.

As a result, Anne Sullivan was hired to be Helen’s teacher. Soon, Anne has taught Helen to communicate using sign language, read and write using Braille, touch-lip read and speak. Anne would continue to stay and teach with Helen for about 49 years, until Anne’s death. Helen really is a hero to people because of this, since people thought that she would never learn to read or write, but ended up proving everyone wrong in the end. Secondly, Helen wrote 12 books, despite her not being able to see.

She wrote The Story Of My Life in 1903 which was soon followed by many other books. In 1995, she earned an Academy Award for a documentary about her life. This is very inspirational to not only me, but to lots of other people, because she was able to write a book and make a documentary even though she didn’t have her sight. This motivates everyone to do what they want, and overcome the obstacles ahead of them. Finally, she was able to live a normal life, despite her disabilities. Even with her disabilities, she still had the positivity and confidence to learn how to read, write and communicate.

Her positivity was very inspirational to everyone, since she didn’t give up at doing things that people thought would be impossible for her to learn and do. Also, her confidence was very motivating and heroic to people since she wasn’t afraid to speak out about her disabilities, and even joined the American Foundation For The Blind. Not only that, but she served as a spokesperson and an ambassador up until her death, which was for about 24 years. This proves that Helen Keller was very positive and driven about how she wanted to help the blind and disabled. I’m sure that Helen’s hard work and driven mind definitely inspired many people, since she didn’t have to do what she did, but still tried hard to do so.

Helen Keller is one of the most inspirational and heroic women to have lived on the planet, since she didn’t let her disabilities get in her way, she wrote 12 different books and was still able to live a normal life despite her disabilities. She is definitely living proof that anyone can do anything, no matter what disability or obstacle stands in the way. Although she became both blind and deaf at the age of 19 months, she was still able to learn to read, write and communicate, without having her disabilities stopping her. However, she didn’t stop there. She soon became an author, a political activist and a lecturer. Without a doubt, Helen Keller’s confidence and positivity has inspired us all to do anything we want, without worrying about the obstacles in the way.

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