Compare and Contrast The Theology Of Judaism And Christianity

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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By theology, we mean a  rational and systematic study of religion. It is an analysis to understand a  religious matter. This analysis helps us to understand more truly our religion, and also in the propagation of our religion. Moreover, Judaism theology says that  God knows everything, has unlimited power, has created the universe, and is kind to everyone. The essence of the beliefs of Jewish people is the written and oral Torah. Torah is a Hebrew word meaning teaching, instruction, or law. It is basically a  set of five books of  Moses also known as five laws of  Moses. Moses is the Father and chief of all prophets.

Torah says that all living and non-living things in this world are the creation of  God. It is God, who has wrought things, workout, and shall work forever. It says that the creator is one and is incorporeal i.e. having no corporeal qualities or in other words. He has no material or physical form of substance. It says that the creator was the first and will be the last, and is the only one to be worshipped and none else. Torah also says that all words of prophets are true. It says that all our deeds and our thoughts are known by  God. As there is a  saying in  Judaism, “He who had formed their hearts altogether, He knows all their deeds”. According to the Torah. God rewards those who keep  His commandments and punishes those who go beyond the limits of what is morally acceptable. One of the most ardent faiths of Jewish people is that there will be a  resurrection or rebirth of  God, but on the time decided by  Him. It is believed that every man and woman on earth is like God, with a spiritual and always existing soul. Everyone is made to be the image and likeness of  God.

For most Jewish people, the earth is the place where they are supposed to enjoy their life, not in heaven. According to them, hard work and education are the paths directed by  God to live a  good life. They do not find the accumulation of wealth to be an evil act as long as it is used in good deeds and charity. One can live a  comfortable and cozy life following moral rules. They also promote honest sex and marital life but oppose adultery, premarital sex, homosexuality, abortion, and these as sins. They say that pleasures life like drinking and dancing are good if not done in excess. One should not be the habitat of such things. Judaism theology says that after death a  person is sent to heaven or hell. Heaven is considered to be the dwelling of  God and angels. And hell as the home of devils and place where wicked people are punished.

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Now,  if we talk about  Christian theology, then there is a  very clear doctrine or set of beliefs related to the  Holy  Trinity. It says that there is only one  God, with three persons, the  Father, the  Son, and the  Holy  Spirit. Each person is fully God, but there are not three  Gods but only one  God. Christians consider.  God himself as a  community of love. The father loves  Son, and the  Son loves the Father, and this love of the  Father to the  Son and of the  Son to the  Father is the Holy  Spirit. Three persons but only one true  God. This is the most glorious mystery of the  Holy  Trinity in the whole  Bible. It is said that  God is repeatedly the  God of  Abraham, the  God of  Issac, and the  God of  Jacob, symbolizing the  Holy  Trinity. Abraham is  God the father, Issac is  God the  Son and  Jacob is  God the  Holy  Spirit. In  Christianity faith is the basis of a  Christian’s life, the foundation of the Christian building. One of the faiths is that the person, who believes in the  Son, has eternal life, whoever disobeys  Him will not see life, but  God’s wrath rests upon him.

Christians take baptism a  way by which the original sin is forgiven. Baptism is a sacrament instituted and ordered by  Jesus  Christ. By baptism, we emerge as a new creature, a child of God, and receive the gift of the Holy  Spirit. It is believed that after baptism our old man dies and is buried with Christ. Moreover, it is a hat before baptism you are a  child of the devil and after baptism, you are a child of  God. A  man who believes in  Jesus, but does not receive the baptism in his church is not a  Christian. For a  Christian, it is not only important to believe in  God but also to receive what  God gives us. It means to give thanks to  God for everything. This is the secret of how to keep ourselves always happy and satisfied in our life. To give thanks to  God for everything is the first step to calm ourselves and face any storm in our life.




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