Communication In A Business Environment

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Communicate in a business environment Communication is all about spreading understanding so that people can connect and work or live better together. The way we communicate with others can greatly alter the relationships we have and techniques can be used to either deliberately create harmonious working or to put a pner In the works. By fostering a common understanding and awareness the message you try to portray becomes ever clearer and you are more likely to gain support from others.

Proper business communication is crucial to successful business practices. The way we communicate is changing how we do business and the purpose of business communication is to deliver the message of a particular business or company through electronic, verbal, nonverbal and interpersonal means. If done well, a message is successfully translated from one person to an individual or group.

I work with the parking strategy and implementation team In the Surrey County Council, who deal with the Traffic management and parking restrictions within the county, so communication Is very important as this Involves speaking many people who work wealth the county as well as the public because If this didn't happen then he parking developments and road management will be not successful and will end up getting lots of complaints. The purpose of my job is that I make traffic orders for road closures within the county.

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This involves communicating with people who are involved with the road closures as well as local committee councilors and the police service. At any level of a Job communication skills are important and often employers look for the ability to make oneself understood in both verbal and written context as a key issue in deciding on employees. It is key to know what your message is, to succinctly count It and to be persuasive enough to get others to buy-in to what you are saying.

The standard methods of communication are speaking or writing by a sender and listening or reading the receiver. Most communication Is oral, with one party speaking and others listening. However, some forms of communication do not directly involve spoken or written language. Nonverbal communication (body language) consists of actions, gestures, and other aspects of physical appearance that combined with facial expressions can be powerful means of transmitting messages. At times, a person's body may be "talking" even as he or she maintains lenience.

And when people do speak, their bodies may sometimes say different things than their words convey. A mixed message occurs when a person's words communicate one message, while nonverbally; he or she Is communicating something else. Within my Job role, I have to communicate in deferent ways with many people. I send emails on a day to day basis to local committee chairman's and members of the borough councilors In the county to notify them of the road closures. I have to send letters out to the police service notifying them swell.

The language you use in these written communications is the key when speaking to or them to misunderstand what I am saying, so when I write out these emails and letter I try to get straight to the point so I don't complicate things. An example of being able to communicate in writing is by email/letters. I send emails to local committee chairman's to inform of the road closures which will be happening. I have to address them as Councilor whoever they may be, out of respect. The next paragraph which is added is part of the notice which tells them which road is going to be closed, when it is going to be closed and why it is going to be closed.

You then end them a copy of the diversion route so they can see where the diversion is and then close the email by saying kind regards and let them know that if they have problems In the letter above, this is what we have to send to ambulance service as they would like whichever temporary road closure is happening in writing. This letter just includes the notice, which has all the details of the road closure. This is addressed to 'sir' as it is a formal letter. I communicate verbally which is mainly speaking face to colleagues and other members of staff.

I find this method much ore useful than others as its am easier way to communicate as you can tell them everything without hesitation and speaking on the telephone with people from other departments and speaking to the newspaper on a daily basis. I also attend meetings which I make an agenda for and I take minutes for. This includes main topics which we had talked about and the ideas on how the resolve the problems. I email everyone at the end of the meeting so everyone has a copy. The type of body language can affect how something is communicated, as there are examples of positive and negative body language.

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