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Committing to a relationship between man and woman has transitioned to since the later days of Adam and Eve. The connection is yearning for more love, demanding extra compassion, requesting supplementary support, and requiring a lot of control. Additionally, they are not based off the type of sexuality, race, shape, size, religion, or originality. In the past, a relationship consisted a man and a woman with same traditions, color, and morals.

It would focus on love, trust, and the foundation of a long-lasting future. Geared to form a heterosexual marriage. Today, relationships are being defined into four types of commitments: cohabitation (living together), domestic partners, long-term same sex unions, and contemporary marriage. Each category defines the relationship as a married couple. As two individuals, they live together, distinguish responsibilities, sustain daily problems, engage in social occasions, and strategizes for the future.

The first form of a relationship is cohabitation. It is an informal way of living together. Couples living together has become more common in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, in married couples tend to cluster in several zones in the United States, including the western states and the northeastern areas.

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People that are involved in a cohabitation relationship live with a pre-marital engagement. The average person involved in this specific relationship is between the ages of 25 – 39. Majority of cohabiters already have children and heterosexual. Due to the large rate of divorce, the couple become more skeptical and concerned in the direction to marital bond. It is like the central train station between dating and getting married. Unlike an engagement, there are no set commitments.

In this type of relationship, you learn more about each other as a friend. Each person involved learn more about who they are. You create better understanding, gain sturdier communication skills, concentrate to avoid on less disputes, form a quality relationship, and become assured.

It was stated, "Following common sense, it would seem that those who cohabitate before marriage would be more prepared for and confident about marriage having already lived together. This preparedness and confidence should thus lead to lower divorce rates for those who cohabitated before marriage than those who did not cohabitate." According t the United States Census Bureau, in married couples tend to cluster in several zones in the United States, including the western states and the northeastern areas.

The second type of committed relationship is Domestic Partners. This type of union consisted of hetero or homo sexuality. It is a legal relationship between two persons that are referred to as spouses or partners with rights of a married couple. Those persons that are part of this form of relationship rely on enjoy sharing their lives together and reap the benefits as if they were married.

Domestic Partnership has been defined as a relational relationship between two persons who stay together and share a common domestic life, but are not married or combined by a civil union. In some areas of the United States, both sexualities can register just as a couple. Therefore, domestic couples share the characteristics as a married couple. Each person of the partnership holds responsibility for the care of bills, groceries, financial and business support.

In the states that accept domestic partnerships, they can have shared health benefits, bereavement leave and visitation rights in hospitals and jails. However, since the union is not federally recognized, they are unable to claim their partner's social security benefits. The ending of this form of relationship, only in the state or region that allows it, is done just like a divorce. You must proceed with all requirements of the law.

Thirdly, there are those who chose to have a long-term same-sex relationship. Likewise, this type of relationship varies by the sexuality. Some be same-sex or heterosexual. Majority tend to have a simple connection and live together longer. Unlike, the previous relationships, there is no legal down falls that may cause formal court disputes and legal documents.

The living status varies by the relationship. Some live in their home single home and visit often. Others invest in a home together, merge in assets, designate responsibilities like married and domestic partners. The downfall of same-sex relationships is society. Even though isolation, depending on the area, is placed on same-sex couples, they are more in tuned with daily living. They become more defiant, defensive, out-going, very humorous, positive, and independent. Many overlook the barriers of family responses and social prejudice comments. However, many enjoy this type of relationship because of the following reason:

  1. They don't have to see each other every day, no daily updating,
  2. No imposing they friends to the friends with your partner,
  3. Not required to impress each other with fabulous gifts (if you choose),
  4. No such filters given during conversations,
  5. Don't have to torture themselves or required to doing what the other like
  6. They can be more themselves without make-up or nice jeans,
  7. Don't have to support or listen to the other's complaints or problems,
  8. No such curfew or have to be a curfew officer,
  9. There are no specifics of the future,
  10. No buts or ifs to worry about,
  11. Thoughts are valued, and
  12. They are not really considered as a boyfriend or girlfriend, a life mate

This type of relationship choose to focus on just living life, having fun with each other without hostility, overbearing, and dreading each other.

Lastly, the most judgmental type of all relationships I marriage. Marriage is defined as the legal or formal recognition of a union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman). Marriage is now being accepted in several states in North America. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nine to ten people get married, but about half of the first marriage end up in divorce. Marriage is a commitment.

Unfortunately, it has been a plead of guilt, business proposition, family traditions, planned for children, or political reasons. In a marriage, each person is responsible for the upkeep, care, and all financial responsibilities. Most marriage start off in engagement. The downfall for that is, many don't learn who each other is until they move in together due to the marriage. The time spent during the engagement lays the foundation of the relationship. Many overlook the boundaries of marriage until it is too late.

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